Anti-Second Amendment Obama Attacking Ammo

History has clearly shown that many nations ruled by socialism, fascism, communism or a tyrannical dictator started with the banning of firearms and ammunition. A disarmed public makes for an easy conquest.

Barack Obama has been trying to disarm Americans ever since moving into the White House. He and his minions have proposed a number of pieces of legislation to ban certain types of firearms, ammunition and clips. They have tried to impose unconstitutional universal background checks for everyone owning, buying, selling or even gifting a firearm.

Obama and his two Secretaries of State have signed on to the gun banning United Nations treaties. Fortunately, most of those measures at the national level have failed. Even when the Democrats controlled the Senate, they did not have enough votes to ratify the United Nations treaties that would have outlawed all handguns, rifles and shotguns. After Obama’s failed attempt to ban assault and assault style weapons after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Obama stated:

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“This effort is not over.”

Failing at the national level, Obama’s friends, especially former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, spent millions of dollars to push similar anti-gun laws at the state level. Bloomberg even said that he would go state by state to disarm America. In a few states like Colorado, New York and Maryland he was successful.

But that’s not enough to satisfy Obama as he is running out of time to abolish a free America and establish his dictatorship. Since he couldn’t ban the weapons, he’s now targeting the ammunition, one caliber at a time. Obama is now trying to reclassify the 5.56mm ammunition used in the AR-15 and other hunting rifles as ‘armor piercing’ and therefore a threat to law enforcement, which would make the ammunition subject to being banned.

From what I’ve read about armor piercing ammo, the 5.56mm green tipped rounds are the only ones that could possibly be considered armor piercing, but that does not mean that all 5.56mm rounds have the same capability. That means there is only one real reason for Obama’s desire to ban the ammo – banning the ammo effectively bans use of the weapon. It’s a backdoor method of gun control typically used by want-a-be dictators to disarm the people.

Obama has often stooped to lying to the American people in his attempts to push his socialist agenda. He lied to us about his own birth and background, Obamacare, immigration, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Israel, IRS scandal and his real reason for dismantling our military, so lying about ammunition just to help his agenda to disarm America is definitely not out of the question.

If you value your Second Amendment rights, please contact your Senator and Representative and insist that they help block Obama’s plan to ban 5.56mm ammo on false pretenses. Do it now before it’s too late.

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