Why Anti-Semites Are Just Plain Dumb

Let’s have this out, then.

There was a recent story that federal crime statistics show that two-thirds of religious hate crimes are anti-Jewish. In a country that is still about three-fourths self-described Christian, that’s remarkable.

Internationally, Greece has seen a huge increase in anti-Semitism that has corresponded with a rise in support for the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn party.

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Throughout Europe, a neo-Nazi influence has been growing for years, aided and abetted in its anti-Semitic aspects by an influx of Muslim immigrants.

The Middle East remains as always a hotbed of anti-Jewish feeling.

Even here at Godfather Politics, we’ve had an influx of anti-Semitic comments in the sections reserved for readers’ comments. There have been several culprits, one in particular, who feel the need to share their stupidity with the rest of us.

While there’s always room for political disagreement, and certainly Israel has made some decisions that you could take exception to, there’s simply no place in civil society for morons who blindly hate Jewish people or try to make Israel the scapegoat for the world’s troubles.

There are many adjectives that could be applied here, but anti-Semites’ tiny brains would be unable to process them, so to all the Jew-hating subhumans out there on the Internet and in the real world I simply say, you’re dumb.

Unfortunately, you’re not mute. Most of you have mouths that never stop working. But what really grinds my corn is that so many of you dare to call yourselves Christians while spouting your anti-Jewish venom.

Let’s be clear. I don’t care what you’ve been taught, either by your friends, family or pastor. You cannot be any kind of Christian and be an anti-Semite.

There’s a very simple reason for that, which even cerebrally challenged neo-Nazis should be able to grasp.

Jesus was a Jew.

He was born a Jew.

He was raised a Jew.

He died a Jew, with a sign above his head which read, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.”

His family were all Jewish.

His apostles were Jewish.

Jesus lived his life as a Jew.

He went to temple.

He read the Torah.

He celebrated Passover.

He celebrated Hanukkah (the Feast of Dedication).

He followed the Mosaic Law.

Neither Jesus nor any of the Apostles ever rejected their Jewish heritage. By the way, that scene in the courtyard that all you skinhead types claim is a curse on Jews? That curse refers specifically to those Jewish lackeys of the high priest who were screaming for Jesus’ crucifixion, not to the Jewish people. That single lie has resulted in countless deaths. Anyone who repeats it deserves a one-way ticket to an extremely warm climate.

And while we’re debunking historical lies, all those anti-Jewish quotes you clowns keep attributing to George Washington, Ben Franklin and various Founding Fathers? Those were fabricated in the 1930s by an American pro-Nazi group calling themselves the Silvershirts.

The real Founding Fathers had no such bias that’s been recorded. Ben Franklin made it a point to be on good terms with all the churches and synagogues in whatever town he found himself in.

Many of those patriots who helped fight the Revolution were Jewish. The Revolution never could even have succeeded without the help of Haym Solomon, who used his personal fortune and financial connections to pay for much of the Continental Army’s needs, from food and equipment to salaries.

Membership in the Christian Church, regardless of denomination, isn’t dependent on whether you were baptized, say your prayers regularly, attend the right church, or have the right views about the Bible. It’s dependent on you expressing your faith and following in Christ’s footsteps. Jesus was particularly tough on those who only gave lip service to being his followers.

Killing Jews, supporting those who killed Jews, espousing anti-Jewish, anti-Israel views — those aren’t Christ’s footsteps you’re following, they’re Satan’s.

Curse the Jewish people, you curse Jesus Christ and all his Apostles. Go straight to hell, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. But mostly, just go to hell.

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