Anti-Semitic Mainstream Media Shifts Blame to Victims

If you’ve been watching the news about the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, I hope you have noticed how biased the mainstream media has been reporting the news. As I watched the national news, I noticed that the media is laying all of the blame on Israel when in fact it was Hamas who started the latest round of conflict.

Hamas terrorists kidnapped 3 Israeli teens and brutally murdered them. The perpetrators have never been arrested or held accountable. Several Israelis kidnapped a Palestinian teenager in retaliation and brutally beat him and then lit him on fire while still alive. The Israelis quickly arrested and filed charges against the murders.

However, the media reports were all boo hoo for the poor Palestinian teen and virtually ignored the ignition event of the murder of the three Israeli teens.

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Then Hamas started rocketing Jerusalem. Israel retaliated by rocketing Hamas locations in the Gaza Strip. Israel has a good missile defense system that has shot down many of the rockets launched by Hamas, but some of the rockets have hit targets in Israel. Buildings have been destroyed and Israelis have been injured.

On the other hand, Hamas has little to no missile defense and Israeli rockets have been destroying Hamas locations. Even though the news reported that Israel has been sending a message to people in the area to vacate target areas, the news reported that over 100 Palestinians have been killed, including women and children.

The way they are reporting it lays all of the blame on Israel and none on Hamas.

But let me ask you a question: if someone attacked Americans and then started launching rockets into America, would you not want our country to retaliate? When al Qaeda launched their attack on the US on September 11, 2001, thousands of innocent civilians were killed. When we retaliated no one in the main stream media put the blame on the US. Yes, there were innocent civilians killed in our retaliation, but the mainstream media played those deaths down.

Prior to Obama’s rein, Israel was our greatest ally in the Middle-East, but thanks to Obama’s disastrous foreign policies, he has successfully alienated Israel and is leaving them to fend for themselves. In fact, Obama has been supporting Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, the very people that started the attack on Israel.

The anti-Semitic reporting of the mainstream media reflects Barack Obama’s hatred for Israel and the Jews, which is expected if in fact he really is a Muslim disguised in liberal Christian clothing. And like Obama, the mainstream media is quick to shift the blame to the victims in order to promote their anti-Semitic agenda.

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