Anti-Semitic Pornographic Mural Displayed Across Street from Elementary School

Before I go any further, I want to remind you that in the 2012 presidential election that 149 voting precincts in Cleveland recorded fewer than 10 votes for Mitt Romney. Most statisticians say this is a virtual impossibility and represents some sort of voter fraud.

In the same city, a Palestinian-American by the name of Abe Auiad owns a gas station and convenience store named Biggie’s at the corner of E. 55th and Cedar. The outside of his store has become a canvas for murals that attack Judaism. Though the murals have been controversial, no one seemed to care or complain until a recent mural depicts a Jewish priest having sex with a baby.

The caption above the image says:

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“Talmudic Priests in Church. Sex With Minors Permitted.”

The image is blatantly displayed on the side of the store that faces the George Washington Carver School that contains grades K though 8. Neighbors and passer-byes are now complaining and the police say they will investigate. Auiad told the local news:

“That’s a circumcision.”

I saw the mural on another website – Elder of Ziyon – and I did not see it as a circumcision like Auiad tries to explain. The mural makes it look like the priest is committing oral sex on the baby.

19 Action News|Cleveland, OH|News, Weather, Sports

This site also shows some of the other murals on the store that I find offensive. Most the murals are aimed at Jews in a very negative fashion. There have been a few complaints in the past, but nothing has ever come of them.

I wonder what would happen if the murals were anti-Muslim instead? How long would it take for Obama’s Muslim buddies to complain and get action? What if the Murals were racist against blacks? I’m sure something would have happened to remove or cover them by now.

But when they derogatorily mock the Jewish religion no one has a problem with it. The only reason they are getting complaints now is because of the pornographic image of a priest committing oral sex on a baby, but not because of the message itself.

I really would like to see a nearby store to start posting anti-Islamic murals on their outside walls and see what happens. I wonder how long the store owner would live or how long the store would stand without being burned down or destroyed.

Donald Sterling was stripped of his NBA team because of a racist statement made in private. Sports and news announcers have lost their jobs for saying anything racist. But say anything against a Jew or Christian and that’s perfectly okay. Tolerance and freedom of speech in America today only works in one direction, not two. The supposed advocates of tolerance are in fact the most intolerant of all.

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