APA Says Pedophilia is Not a Mental Disorder

Yesterday, I posted a blog where I talked about moral absolutes and used an argument about pedophilia being defended today by a number of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. (See “Why Does Tampa Student Bomb Plot Surprise Anyone”) I also stated if anyone didn’t believe the argument I used, then they needed to do some research over the past 10 years and they would find a number of articles where professional psychiatrists have even defended pedophilia.

As if it were meant to be or just perfect coincidental timing, I found a newly posted article claiming that some members of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) want to remove pedophilia from the list of mental disorders.

Matt Barber with the Liberty Counsel Action group attended the meetings where the announcement was made and reported that the discussions were concerned more with the public perception of pedophilia than with the victims, focusing on:

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“Destigmatizing pedophilia … removing the stigma, and [getting] the public to stop demonizing pedophiles,” and that, “The entire focus of the event was on the victimhood of the pedophile,” Barber accounts. There was “very little concern for the children who are the victims of these individuals when they are raped, who these individuals lust after.”

The proceedings were a step toward officially declassifying pedophilia as a mental disorder, just like the organization did with homosexuality back in the 1970’s. It should also come as no surprise that the group voted 157 to 0 in favor of endorsing same sex marriages.

Mental disorder or not, anyone convicted of pedophilia needs to be surgically fixed to make them like a eunuch and then throw their sorry butts in jail. And I don’t know about you, but I’m in favor of running these wacko nut job head shrinkers out of town on a rail and never letting them near any of my relatives.

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