Apple’s Foray into Banning American Liberties

Apple Inc. has filed a patent to allow live concert filming to be banned according to a recent Sun article. This would appear to be extremely foolish from a product sales standpoint if implemented. I can only imagine frustrated iPhone users flocking to phones that don’t try to nanny them. People are fed up with the nanny State, but being nannied by a private organization is downright stupid. I can see the people developing Android operating system licking their chops over this public relations nightmare by Apple. Apple already receives plenty of flack for its app approval process.

From the standpoint of event organizers and broadcasters, this type of app and technology combination that allows them to disable a phone’s camera function makes sense. It allows them to protect their assets from distribution. No matter where you stand on that issue, a live concert distributed for free by an audience member’s own filming is bad news for the event organizer whether their fear is justified or not. Their goal is to protect their assets from video pirates. But this has always been a problem. The free market will adjust to these types of theft.

Now, where I disagree with the idea of disabling a phone’s camera function is in its use beyond the intended target market. I can only imagine how this app can be used to destroy American’s liberties. I wouldn’t be surprised if our Federal Government is already planning uses for this technology.

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TSA could implement the technology in airports to prevent passengers from recording and reporting TSA abuse. We would have no after-the-fact recourse for abuses. How can we present evidence of sexual assaults, theft, and unreasonable search and seizure if we are no longer free to record them? The TSA is already trying to ban recordings as I write this.

Would it also be possible to attach the technology to police squad cars to prevent citizens from recording and publishing police abuse of power and brutality? We have already seen how officers of the law don’t know the law they are supposed to uphold. We need to be able to protect ourselves from law-breakers from all walks of life, especially those who wear a budge and have the power of government behind them.

Politicians holding townhall meetings could use the system to stop attendees from recording the event. No more YouTube exposes.

This new technology could usher in a new era of Big Government. Self-defense against tyranny in the United States has begun with our cameras and YouTube and they are the biggest weapon we have and we need the freedom to carry and use in a moment’s notice.

Let us know how you think this technology can be abuse in the comments section.

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