Arab Bank Funnels Millions of Dollars to Hamas and Families of Suicide Bombers

Life is cheap to Hamas and Palestinians. If a martyr is arrested and jailed, his/her family is paid the equivalent of $1,325 US. If the martyr is wounded but not killed, they are paid the equivalent of $2,655. The families of suicide bombers are paid a whopping equivalent of $5,300 US. Compared to the average annual income of a Palestinian of $1,600 US, a suicide bomber can bring his family four times their annual income AND enjoy their 70 virgins in heaven.

If you’re curious where the money is coming from to pay them, it’s being funneled through the Arab Bank disguised through various charities. Or so says documents filed in a lawsuit against the Arab Bank in New York federal court. The law suit, filed by three hundred US nationals claim that the Arab Bank has violated US anti-terrorism laws by knowingly providing financial services to terrorist and their financiers.

Under the US anti-terrorism banking laws, it is illegal for any financial institution to do any business with any organization that is designated as terrorist entity or one who does business with a terrorist organization. Although the Arab Bank denies the allegations of violating the anti-terrorism banking laws, a number of documents have been filed with the lawsuit indicating otherwise.

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In 2005, Arab Bank settled a similar case with the US Treasury Department where they admitted no guilt but paid fines of $24 million. In the current case, the parties who filed the lawsuit are seeking monetary damages and insisting on financial fines be once again levied on the Arab Bank, although the amounts of each have not been released. With the billions of dollars of oil money floating around the Middle East, somehow I don’t think $24 million will really hurt the bank.

According to The Daily Signal:

“Bank documents reveal an elaborate system for which Amman, Jordan-based Arab Bank served as the center point. Some Israelis refer to the bank as the ‘Grand Central Station of terrorist financing.’”

“For example, bank documents allegedly show that a dozen Middle Eastern charities with links to the terrorist group Hamas and other radical Islamic groups transferred $32 million to Arab Bank during the second intifada. The money was then allegedly paid out to families of suicide bombers and other Palestinians who engaged in acts of terrorism against Jews.”

“An additional charity, the Saudi Committee for the Support of the Intifada al Quds, sent nearly $100 million through Arab Bank. The plaintiff’s analysis of bank records indicates $32 million of it ended up being distributed as cash payments to martyrs and their families, including the families of suicide bombers, and the rest was distributed to other Hamas-controlled charities.”

“According to evidence presented by the plaintiffs today, based on bank documents, families of suicide bombers received a $5,300 payment, or about four times the average annual Palestinian income at the time of $1,600. If a martyr was wounded but not killed, he received $2,655. If a martyr was arrested and jailed, the family received $1,325. The recipients simply showed up at an Arab Bank branch, presented identification, and received the cash.”

During opening arguments last week, attorneys for Arab Bank told the jurors that any financial dealings they had with terrorists were completely unintentional and limited in nature. He also said that they may have been the results of typos or mistakes in screening their clients.

That’s like hearing Barack Obama telling us our border is secure while thousands of illegals, drug traffickers, violent gang members and Muslim terrorists are pouring across our border with little to no problems. It’s also like Obama saying that being president is a full time job and if he was president he would not take any vacation or leisure time while in office. If you believe Obama, then you would probably acquit the Arab Bank.

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