Are Americans Finally Seeing the True Obama Presidency?

With only eight days before the elections, it seems that Americans are waking up and seeing the real President Barack Obama.  His ratings are falling as are his standings in a number of the polls.

Last week, Obama’s job approval ratings fell seven points in a short three day span.  On Oct. 23, his job approval ratings according to Gallup were at 53%.  It dropped to 51% on the 24th, then down to 48% on the 25th and further down to 46% on the 26th.

It seems the only thing Obama has accomplished last week, other than campaigning, was to lie about the terrorist attack on Benghazi and to re-iterate that he is holding all of America as hostages on the tax cuts.  Obama, who constantly says that they tried so hard to sit down with Republicans to work out compromises, has emphatically stated that he will veto any tax cut legislation that does not meet his requirements.  This is Obamas form of compromise – everyone has to compromise to his way of doing things, but not vice versa.

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In another indicator, that Americans are starting to see the real Obama presidency, is the latest Rasmussen Report on the swing states that Obama won in 2008.  Those states include – Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin carry a total of 146 Electoral College votes.

On Oct. 17, Obama held a 3 point lead (50-47) over Mitt Romney in the 11 key swing states.  That was the last time Obama held the lead in the swing state poll and as of Oct. 28 Romney holds a 4 point lead (50-46) over Obama.

The same trend is being seen in some of the recent Electoral College projection maps.  Obama’s lead has vanished in some of them and dwindled in others.  Some sources are seeing Obama self-destructing as the elections draw near.

We can only hope and pray that these trends will continue and carry into Election Day and that Americans give Obama his walking papers because he has completely and utterly failed us and the nation.

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