Are Children Being Used for Sexual Seduction?

In the last years of the Roman Empire, the Romans, in their lust for ever more bizarre sexual gratification, entertained the guests at their parties with displays of underage boys and girls engaged in intercourse and all kinds of perversion with each other. The mind of the decadent Roman aristocracy was so obsessed with the satisfaction of their lusts that they couldn’t resist dragging even the children in the filthy debauchery of the adults. The Roman society has never been too strict about sexual morals but traditionally there was at least one firm unspoken, unwritten law: Children were beyond the limits of the sexual lust of the adults. Many of the Classical Roman writers shared in their writings that in the presence of children they guarded their actions and tongues “as if they were in the presence of Vestal Virgins.”

But in the decadency of the late Classical civilization even this restraint had fallen away, leaving the children an easy prey to over-sexualized adults, and sometimes even to the lusts of their parents. By the end of the third century the sexualization of children had become a norm in the society; child prostitution had become a common place. It disappeared only with the firm actions of the two great Christian emperors named Theodosius. Theodosius I destroyed many pagan temples which acted as a religious cover for the widespread child prostitution; and Theodosius II gave the Empire the Theodosian Law Code, restoring some of the earlier laws of the Roman Republic and placing them in the context of the Biblical social ethics.

These days, we see multiple attempts by our modern pagans to restore the immorality of the Classical world, even to the point of turning the children into sexual objects. Sex ed at schools based on acceptance of sodomy and other perversions is part of the sodomite agenda. Some schools and school districts are removing the bans on watching pornography through their computer networks. Liberal and leftist psychologists are increasingly pushing for “recognizing” the “sexual nature of children,” and therefore for decriminalization of sexual abuse of children. Teachers at public schools who engage in sexual relations with underage students are being protected by the teachers unions. And the courts and the authorities in many places have allowed sodomite “couples” to adopt children, thus placing the children in a pervert environment where they are exposed to a pervert lifestyle, contrary to nature and to the way God created family and the human beings.

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What is seldom revealed is that children in those “families” usually develop psychological identity problems. Where this is revealed, such identity crisis is praised as something “normal” and “progressive.”

Such is the story of Thomas Lobel, the “son” of a lesbian “couple,” who is having “gender identity crisis.” The 11-old boy – according to the “parents” – has always believed he was a girl. The boy “started transitioning” when he was eight. This last summer he was implanted a hormone-suppressant that will block his development as a healthy normal boy, until he grows up and “decides for himself” if he wants to be a man or a woman. Meanwhile the two “mothers” are making sure “the sweet princess” gets the clothes he wants – dresses, bras, and pink camisoles – and change his name to “Tammy.”

The “couple” says that Thomas’s choice of gender has nothing to do with their own sexuality. One wonders what it has something to do with. Apparently, it is not genetic, if Thomas needs a hormone-suppressant implant; male hormones can’t be produced by female genes.

The truth is exactly the opposite: The “parents” perversion has everything to do with the boy’s identity crisis. Sodomites and lesbians define themselves by their unnatural sexual lusts; the whole sexual community is obsessed with nothing else but being “acknowledged” and “given rights” as a minority defined by their sexual preferences and immorality. When a person is deep in sin and perversion, they are trying to excuse the perversion with a an appeal to their “sexual nature.” Human nature is thus degraded to unnatural lusts, and a human being is defined as no higher than a crude sexual drive.

Combined with the fact of a boy living in the home of two females joined in an unnatural sexual connection, this can not but produce a “gender identity crisis.” It is this pervert environment, not some vague “nature” that has led to the crisis. The boy needs a healthy home with a father and a mother, with their respective gender roles; as long as he lives with two pervert females who define themselves based on their sexual drives, he will have no option but to grow focused on his own sexuality, and “choose” the only sexuality he has ever seen as a role model in his life.

The boy is raped, in a very subtle and sophisticated way. He is deprived of his true nature. He is forced by the circumstances to grow without healthy male role models, in an environment that has no use for such healthy male role models. He is forced to define himself sexually – as a sexual object and subject – at an age when his peers develop skills necessary to be productive later in life and build a civilization. Under the pretext of “free choice” and “self-discovery” he is made subservient to a mindset that eventually destroys a culture, and certainly destroys the lives of those that have bought into it.

But, after all, this is the world our modern pagans – leftists, liberals, progressives – have for us. A world of confused men and women who do not know what exactly they are, because they have bought into perversion and have abandoned their created nature. A world of men whose growth as men have been suppressed, and of women who hate being women and want to be men. A world that is so depraved and pervert that children are oversexed and become an easy prey to predators, under the pretext of “free choice.” (Free choice is never given to children that are being aborted.) A world of “identity crisis” for every man and every woman, where the solution to that crisis is being drugged from an early age to grow as a genderless, identity-less, faceless being whose only concern is his or her sexual drives. A world of sophisticated rape for our children, and for our civilization.

Such world has been tried before, and it collapsed. Hopefully, America will find the moral strength to oppose it and criminalize again perversion and the rape of children. If our children are not protected from rapists like the lesbian “parents” of Thomas Lobel, our civilization deserves no mercy.

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