Are Evangelicals Hypocrites for Supporting President Trump?

There have been a number of articles decrying Evangelical hypocrisy regarding their support for Trump in light of a number of sexual charges against him. Some of these came out during the 2016 election. The Stormy Daniels charge that she and Trump had a sexual relationship in 2006 is the most recent revelation.

Of course, not all Evangelicals supported Trump in 2016, and there are Evangelicals who don’t support him now.

Are Evangelicals hypocrites for still supporting Trump in light of the Stormy Daniels’ interview by two morally upstanding people — a porn star (Daniels) and self-admitted homosexual (Anderson Cooper)?

The reason Evangelicals supported Trump in 2016 is that the alternative — Hillary Clinton — was much, much, much, much worse. There was no viable alternative to Trump. Many Evangelicals I’ve spoken with voted for other candidates in the primaries, but voted for Trump because they regarded Hillary and everything she would have brought to Washington to be the end of the United States as we’ve known it.

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The Stormy Daniels story is from 2006. Bill Clinton had sex with an intern while he was President. There is a difference.

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While Cuomo made it sound like President Clinton was impeached because of his extramarital affairs, Santorum explained to Cuomo that “the reason he (Bill Clinton) was impeached was not…his affairs, it was actually lying under oath.” Liberals and the media know this; that’s exactly why they want President Trump to testify about his affairs, hoping that he walks into the same perjury trap that led to President Clinton’s impeachment. (Newsbusters)

Maybe in ten years (2006 to 2016) Trump has made amends with his wife. We don’t know. As far as we know, Trump has not done anything deserving impeachment except maybe signing the $1.3 trillion Omnibus Bill. Unfortunately, a President can’t be impeached for such things, although he and the congressmen who voted for it should be impeached since what it funds is unconstitutional.

Why are Leftists so concerned about what Evangelicals do? The Left is trying a divide-and-conquer strategy. If they can peel off enough votes from his base, they can win the House and Senate in November of this year and work for impeachment that has nothing to do with Stormy Daniels. The Democrats (and not a few Republicans) want Trump out. They want to go back to the way things used to be. Bipartisanship in passing the Omnibus Bill is evidence of that truth.

If the GOP was really on Trump’s side and had regard for the voters who put Trump in office, they never would have passed the spending bill. Both Parties enjoy spending other people’s money.

But let’s talk about real hypocrisy. Chris Cuomo interviewed former Senator Rick Santorum on Wednesday’s edition of New Day that Cuomo co-hosts. It would have been helpful if Cuomo had interviewed an Evangelical. Santorum is Roman Catholic, but it’s only a point to quibble over.

The Cuomos are the biggest bunch of hypocrites that you’ll come across in politics. Probably the only family that beats them out is the Kennedys. Political incest is alive and well. Andrew Cuomo, the resent Governor of New York, married Kerry Kennedy, the third daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, who he later divorced.

Speaking of the Kennedys. After Sen. Ed Kennedy let Mary Jo Kopechne drown in the back seat of his car, leaving the scene of the accident, and waited ten hours before he reported the accident to the local police, the Democrat Party embraced the womanizing Senator and designated him “The Lion of the Senate.” The film Chappaquiddick will hit theaters April 5th. “The plot details the events following the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident where Senator Kennedy drove his car into a lake, killing Kopechne.”

If this had happened to a Republican, several films would have been made within months, he would have resigned on the spot, spent at least ten years in prison, and the incident would have been brought up to attack every Republican running for office.

Back to the Cuomos. Let’s start with the father, Mario Cuomo. Supposedly a faithful Catholic but a more faithful supporter of abortion rights. See my article “Mario Cuomo: A Coward When it Came to Publically Opposing Abortion that he said He Opposed.”

As I mentioned above, Andrew Cuomo is the Governor of New York who was married for 15 years to Kerry Kennedy. Like his father, Andrew Cuomo says he’s a practicing Catholic. He attends church with his live-in girlfriend. That’s right. He’s not remarried. He supports abortion on demand and pushed for the legalization of homosexual marriage. Where is the priest of his parish? Where is the Bishop of his diocese? Are Roman Catholics hypocrites for voting for him?

These are questions that are never asked of Democrats.

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