Are Mueller and Rosenstein All-Powerful?

Who watches the watchers?

Generally, this is the task that we would assign to a few different groups of individuals.

The media, the Inspectors General, and other agents within the Justice Department are all tasked with watching the watchers to ensure that no one in our government abuses their power.

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But there are blind spots, there are loopholes, and every now and again our system misses something.

This is the case when it comes to special counsel Robert Mueller, and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who seem to be completely inoculated against any check on their power.

The media refuses to seriously investigate what it is that these men are doing. The Trump administration is impotent to stop the ongoing train wreck that is the Russia investigation. And anyone in the Republican Party who so much as questions what Mueller or Rosenstein are doing is painted as anti-patriotic and anti-law enforcement by the Democrats and their friends in the crony media.

Thankfully, bulldog investigative reporter Sara Carter, refuses to be cowed by her “betters” in the elite media or their masters in the Democrat Party.

She’s still asking the important questions… like, “Who Oversees Rosenstein And Mueller?”

Speaking of Judge T.S. Ellis and the recent berating that he gave the Mueller team, Carter explained:

Judge Ellis is not going to be bullied and he made it very clear in court today, and that’s why he said, I want that memo redacted. The one that you’ve given to me, I want it unredacted, is what I meant to say. He wants it unredacted — he wants it right before him, he wants to see everything that’s in it, he wants to know the scope of what Rosenstein gave authority to to Mueller, and he wants it now.

And when they said, well, this has nothing to do with anything beyond the Manafort case, and he said, I’ll be the judge. I’ll be the judge of that.

So, he wants to see that. I think this is important because it also means that Judge Sullivan who’s overseeing Flynn’s case —  has the same kind of issues, right? This is Judge Sullivan played it out a little differently. He made himself very clear and now we’ve seen, it’s been suspended for two more months. So, Judge Sullivan is probably going through the same thing right now.

And, you know, it’s so refreshing, Sean, and Gregg was right on the money. He understands the legalese behind this, but he’s right on the money that this — they’re starting to understand that this is appearing and what we’ve been saying for all along is a witch-hunt, it’s going way beyond the scope of Russia and they’re doing everything they can to try to rein people in twist their arms and try to get them to turn on people even if there isn’t evidence.

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