Are UFO’s Actually Time Machines?

I have been involved with the study of Unidentified Flying Objects since 1951 when one flew 200 feet over my head on a foggy day in the month of December which coincidentally was the beginning of the greatest number of  UFO sightings in a year, 1952, with many seen, and photographed, over our nation’s capitol in Washington, DC.

My work began with reading the Keyhoe book, but no serious involvement until I got into the issue of sightings rejected and labeled hoaxes because what people saw differed from photographs taken, whether they be still or motion pictures.  Vision and photography are two different processes!  Such rejections offended my sensibilities.

My work on that issue led to writing articles published in the national magazines, Argosy, PhotoGraphic, Popular Photography, The Smithsonian, Photography (UK), and The Journal of the Royal Photographic Society (UK) and a book, “UFOs:  The Eye and the Camera,” speaking at a MUFON conference, meeting and working with Dr. J. Allan Hynek, Stanton Friedman, Ted Phillips and several other experts.

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I long had doubt about the extra-terrestrial hypothesis for the distances involved and the lack of contact and communication.  I now favor the “time navigation” hypothesis and reduced my case to a set of seven points:

(1)  UFOs never land and crewmen ask, “Take me to your leader,” as one would expect from a craft that had traveled so far and long to be here.

(2)  The distances are too great.  The nearest star is four light years away which is 23.4 trillion miles!  The highest speed rocket we have goes 32,000 miles per hour. The trip to our nearest star would take 63,000 years!  That is 3,150 human generations!  Those arriving would have long forgotten what the mission was all about!  It is doubtful space aliens lifespan is over 63,000 years or that they would waste their lives on one journey to what?  We have only been intelligent a few thousand years.  Cannibalism was common until the 19th century.  We only stopped eating one another 200 years ago!

(3)  Where extraterristrial evolution would be very different from ours their proteins would be as poisonous to us as snake venom.  Shaking hands with a space alien could be lethal.  We could never share anything or even be in very close proximity.  Certainly no dating or mating would be possible.

(4)  It is far more likely they have evolved from us as evolution never stops.  That they are small and have three fingers is not only possible, but likely as our little fingers are disappearing and will be gone in 200,000 to one million years.  That is a clue to how far in the future they have come.

(5)  That they appear not to wear clothing is consistent with evolution as clothing is a patch for an fumble in our development.  It is likely time will cure that problem making clothing unnecessary as we evolve.

(6)  Navigating time could be an ultimate weapon to eliminate enemy leaders by killing one of their predecessors.  If we could go back in time and kill Kim Jong Un’s grandfather Kim Jong Un would not exist and North Korea would be free.

(7)  Navigating time would also be a great tool for recovering important concepts lost over time, solving mysteries and improving the accuracy of history.

While it is possible our government may be in contact with these people of the future and this will be the greatest of all our government’s secrets as the release alone will change the future.

If it is true this piece will vanish very soon after it is published.

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