Are You and I Real Terror Threats to the US? DHS Says Yes!

Who are the real terror threats to America?

I suspect if you asked people on the street that question that you would hear answers ISIS, Islamic terrorists, Taliban, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Palestinian Authority, Barack Obama, Democrats and Congress, not necessarily in that order.

If you posed that same question to the Department of Homeland Security who is has been charged with our national security, you may be shocked to learn that they would answer that right wing conservatives are the real terror threat here in the US. That’s right; you and I are more of a terror threat than radical Islamic extremists and Barack Hussein Obama.

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CNN reported:

“A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism.”

The question is who exactly who does the government define as ‘right-wing sovereign citizen extremists?’

Does it include American citizens who believe that the government has become so corrupt and bent on the economic and moral destruction of the nation that they advocate the overthrow of the government?

Does it include American citizens who believe that they can no longer trust the government in any way shape of form?

Does it include American citizens who believe that the government is stripping them of all of their rights and freedoms?

Does it include American citizens that view the occupant of the White House as being a traitor and criminal who was never qualified to hold the office he illegally occupies?

Does it include American citizens who believe that our government is failing to protect our borders and openly turn our nation over to millions of illegals which include radical Islamic terrorists?

Does it include American citizens who believe in the US Constitution and believe that our government does not?

If so, then I definitely qualify as meeting the Department of Homeland Security current definition of being a real terror threat. It doesn’t matter that I have no intention of picking up a gun and acting in a threatening way, unless someone directly threatens the safety of my family, my person or my home. It doesn’t matter that am not a member of any radical right-winged extremist group.

What does matter is that by answering yes to all of the questions above, it proves that I am a loyal patriotic American who loves my country the way our Founding Fathers created it and not the way our current politicians have subverted and perverted it.

The truth behind the DHS report is that Obama’s government believes that all loyal and patriotic Americans are threats to their agenda of establishing a Socialist States of America. They know that millions of loyal patriotic Americans who own numerous weapons are a huge roadblock to accomplishing their plan. By first naming them as being terror threats, they can then start arresting and indefinitely detaining them under the Patriot Act and thus reduce or eliminate the roadblock. So don’t be surprised if loyal patriotic Americans you know start suddenly disappearing.

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