Arizona Abortion Law Legal and Working

In 2009, Arizona passed the Abortion Consent Act and as expected the law was immediately challenged.  In August of this year, the act was ruled to be constitutional and was placed into law.

The Abortion Consent Act requires that any minors seeking an abortion must have a statement of consent with a parent’s signature and the signature must be witnessed by a notary public.  In the past, minors did not need a parental signature or any proof of parental knowledge which undermined parental authority and allowed minors to make major medical decisions when they legally are not allowed to for any other medical procedure.

The law also requires that the abortion service agency provide accurate and complete information to the woman twenty-four hours prior to the procedure.  This provision is causing abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood to disclose everything about the procedure instead of the one-sided information they have been handing out previously.

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The law also requires a fully licensed doctor to perform an abortion and they can refuse to do abortions on the grounds of religious and moral beliefs.  In the past, some clinics used physicians assistants and other personnel to perform the procedures.  Additionally, if a patient demanded an abortion, a doctor was not allowed to refuse if it conflicted with his own personal religious or moral beliefs.  The new law protects the doctor from being forced to violate his own faith and standards.

The law also requires that all facilities performing abortions must meet the same minimum standards required for outpatient surgery clinics.  This has resulted in seven of ten Planned Parenthood clinics to discontinue abortion services as they have said they will not bring their clinics up to the required standards.

The law also requires that any woman seeking an abortion be given the choice or opportunity to see a sonogram of their baby.  In other places where this provision has been enacted, seeing the sonogram of their baby has led many women to realize that the baby is a human being and then opt out of having the abortion.

Since the Abortion Consent Act took effect in August, pro-life watchdogs have reported a thirty percent reduction in the number of reported abortions for the month of September.

I would hope and pray that every other state would follow Arizona’s example and enact a similar law. A thirty percent reduction nationwide would save nearly 300,000 unborn children from being murdered.

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