Arizona Governor Jan Brewer For President In 2016?

About half a dozen names are being bantered around as possible Republican candidates for president in 2016.  Names on the list include (not in any particular order):

  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (definitely not my vote)
  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
  • Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush
  • Texas Senator Ted Cruz
  • Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
  • Florida Senator Marco Rubio

I would like to offer another name to that list that I believe could be one of the best chances of beating Hillary Clinton, but no one seems to be giving this person any consideration.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer!

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She is very conservative and not afraid to stand up to the liberal bullying of the Democratic Party.  Perhaps one of her best known political actions was the passing and signing of Arizona Senate Bill 70 that was intended to protect the state and its citizens from illegal aliens.  It also denied illegals from obtaining valid state driver’s licenses and other state benefits. The Obama administration and a number of liberal organizations immediately filed lawsuits to block the Arizona immigration bill, but Brewer refused to back down and in the end, the courts upheld most parts of the bill.

Brewer has fought the Mexican drug cartels and still fights to get the truth from the ATF concerning Fast and Furious.  Brewer has stood for the constitutional rights of Arizona’s citizens including Christians, the sanctity of life and traditional marriage.  Just this week, she signed several new bills into law that will help protect those rights and conservative values.

SB 1282 allows religious assemblies or institutions to speak out on political issues without having to register as a PAC, providing they do not spend a substantial amount of their time or assets on political issues.  In other words, pastors would be allowed to speak out for or against candidates or pieces of legislation.

SB 1169 instructs the state Board of Nursing to forbid any nurse practitioner from performing any form of surgical abortion.  Some abortion clinics in the nation have used nurse practitioners instead of doctors to perform their surgical abortions, but will not be the case in Arizona.

SB 1188 actually requires an adoption agency to take into account the marital status of the couple applying for adoption.  Married couples that consist of one man and one woman will be given preferential treatment when all other qualifications are equal to those of a same-sex couple applying to adopt the same child.

Other pieces of legislation awaiting Gov. Brewer’s signature include:

SB 1030 forbids physician assistants from prescribing abortion inducing medications.

SB 1472 & 1482 would establish that all judges running for election to have their biographies and rulings that involve all constitutional issues to posted online for general public access.

If you check out many of the other issues that Brewer has supported, you will find that she fully supports the US Constitution and the rights of the people and Christians.  She is a fighter for what she believes in and takes liberal guff from no one.

Personally, I would like to see more people taking a look at Governor Jan Brewer as a top candidate for the Republican ticket.  As a woman, she will offset Hillary Clinton’s desire to capture the woman’s vote.  Possible running mates for her would be Alan Keyes to help secure the black vote or Ted Cruz to help secure the Hispanic vote.  One thing is sure, Brewer would be a thousand times better than Chris Christie.

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