Arizona Governor Says NO State Benefits to Dream Act Illegals

Arizona has been at the heart of immigration issues ever since Barack Obama decided to not enforce federal immigration laws.  The inaction of the federal government forced Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and her colleagues to pass strict state immigration laws.  Then Obama and the Justice Department sued Arizona for doing what they refuse to do.  Twice in the past 10 years, Arizona citizens voted to deny all publically funded benefits to illegal aliens only to have feds and courts tell the people that their votes no longer count.

In an act that many legal experts say was illegal and an abuse of Executive Orders, President Barack Obama declared that over 800,000 illegal immigrants could remain in the U.S. under the Dream Act.  Governor Jan Brewer said that Obama’s actions were nothing more than ‘backdoor amnesty’ for the sole purpose of winning the Hispanic vote in November’s election.

This past Wednesday, these illegals could start filing applications to remain in the U.S. and obtain work applications.  Their goal is to remain in the U.S. legally under Obama’s illegal action.

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Arizona has a huge population of illegals and the sudden influx of applications under Obama’s Dream Act will cost the state thousands and perhaps millions of dollars in additional state benefits.  Already facing deficit budgets, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issued her own Executive Order instructing all state agencies to deny driver’s licenses and other state-funded benefits from the illegals that file applications to remain in the U.S. illegally under Obama’s Dream Act.

She said that the federal applications being filled out by illegals do not grant them citizenship or any of the rights that go along with citizenship and consequently will not entitle them to any publicly-funded state benefits.  That includes in-state tuition at colleges and driver’s licenses.  Heads of state agencies have been instructed to draft emergency policies to help them carry out her Executive Order.

State Democrats are already in an uproar over Brewer’s order.  State Rep. Catherine Hernandez Miranda (D-Phoenix) described Brewer’s order as ‘mean spirited.’  Rep. Martin Quezada (D-Phoenix) said Brewer is demonizing good kids who deserve state issued identifications and be allowed to enter the workforce.

Some of you may think of me as mean spirited, but an illegal alien is an illegal alien and should be treated as such until CONGRESS, not the President, enacts legal legislation to grant them such privileges and status.  I’ve heard the argument that it wasn’t their fault they were brought here illegally when they were young, so we should just let them all stay and give them everything.

If you want to use that argument, then what about the kids whose parent or parents commit a felony and get sent to prison.  The rest of the family, especially the kids, suffer for years because of the crime committed by the parents.  You don’t see the state or federal government bending over backwards giving them everything under the sun, do you?  And they ARE U.S. citizens who deserve a lot more than illegal aliens do.

And if you still disagree with me, let me ask you if you are willing to pay higher taxes to help support all of these illegals who want to be staying here in the U.S.?

There is also a question about jobs.  Obama wants to allow nearly 1 million illegals to be able to obtain work permits and work here in the U.S.  Under his administration, the U.S. has 42 consecutive months of unemployment rates above 8%.  This is the worst on record and even worse than during the Great Depression.  Millions of American citizens are out of work, losing their homes and families and Obama wants to extend work privileges to a million illegals.  Does that make sense to you?

Now I’ll get the arguments that the illegals will do the work that American’s don’t want to do, and for some Americans that may be true.  However, they said that about Alabama’s strict immigration law and after thousands of illegals left the state, their unemployment dropped by 1.1% in two months after the law went into effect.  Alabama citizens were taking jobs they may not have wanted, but at least they were jobs and they were doing their best to keep their homes, families and dignity, but Obama wants to give that away to illegals.

My hat goes off to Gov Brewer for taking the action she has taken.  Her responsibility is to the citizens of the state, not to illegals being given a stay of deportation  Obama’s actions have forced her hand to protect her citizens and do what it necessary to keep the state financially afloat.  It’s just sad that she seems to be the only governor with the courage to stand up to the tyrannical rule Barack Hussein Obama.

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