Arizona Rancher Says Illegal Drugs and Aliens Crossing Border Daily on His Land

Every time someone makes a plea for Obama to secure our border with Mexico, he blows it off by saying that the borders are secure and that there are fewer illegals crossing it now than there used to be.  But that’s not what US citizens that live along the border are saying.

Dan Bell is a cattle rancher in the Nogales, Arizona area.  His ranch covers nearly 100 square miles and borders Mexico.  In a recent CNN interview, Bell tells the reporter that there are people crossing the border on his property daily.  He has encountered drug smugglers and illegal aliens on a regular basis.

Part of the border between Bell’s ranch and Mexico is protected by a metal fence that is 15 feet to 18 feet high that was built by federal government. The fence deters most of the would-be illegals from crossing along its length.

However, when the steel fence ends, there is only a barbed wire fence that marks the border.  Illegals easily cross the fence, often just cutting the barbed wire.  This creates a problem for Bell as he has to regularly mend the cut fencing to prevent his cattle from crossing into Mexico.  Where the illegals don’t cut the barber wire, they just dig a small trench under the fence, with enough room to allow them to scoot under and be on their merry way.

Other Arizona ranchers who border Mexico tell the same story of illegals crossing the border and their lands on a daily basis.  They say the border is not secure and that the regular flow of illegal drugs and aliens poses a danger to themselves and other residents in the area.

When Dan Bell was asked if he thought the border was secure, he responded:

“I would say that it’s not secure in that we need to focus on making sure we have boots on the ground, that we have the technology available to us, that we have infrastructure to actually get to the border and patrol it.”

So when President Obama says the border is secure, he means that it’s secure for the illegals to safely cross into the US and become registered Democratic voters under his new immigration reform plan.  That also means he has no intention of doing anything else to secure the border or protect the US citizens that live along it.

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