Arm Teachers Instead of Disarming Americans

Gun control!  Gun control!  Gun control!

You can’t look anywhere on the news or internet without seeing the cries for more gun control in wake of last Friday’s massacre in Newtown, CT.   There is no escaping the tears of remorse and cries of anger that have flooded every media outlet in the nation.

But let’s set raw emotion aside for a second and look at reality.  First and foremost, the guns did NOT kill those children and adults in Connecticut, it was Adam Lanza.  The guns did not load themselves, it was Adam Lanza, and the guns did not pull the trigger, it was Adam Lanza.

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It’s already a well-known fact that Connecticut had some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, but Adam Lanza didn’t care about the law.  Some of the other areas of our nation that have the highest crime rates also have strict gun control laws, but laws rarely stop people that are determined to commit violent acts on other people.

So what is the solution?  How about taking a look at what works in other countries like Thailand and Israel.  Both countries have active terrorist threats against school children by Muslim extremists and Jihadists.  In an effort to prevent a similar shooting at their schools, they have been arming their teachers.  Many teachers in Israel and Thailand now carry concealed handguns with them.

The Israeli government told the people that they would protect them and they created gun-free zones in the country.  Those zones soon became known as victim disarmament zones.

In 1974, Jihadist terrorists attacked Israeli school children on a field trip to a tobacco farm.  The attack killed 25 and wounded 66 other.  In 1978, terrorists attacked an Israeli school bus, killing 37 children and wounding 76 other people.

Israeli people had enough of the gun free zones and failed promises of government protection.  Instead of tightening up gun control laws, they started arming teachers and others and trained them how to protect their students.

In 2002, Jihadists tried to enter an Israeli school, only to be repelled by armed teachers. In another incident, a suicide bomber that was intending on blowing himself up at an Israeli school was shot and killed by an armed teacher before he was able to detonate the bomb.

The threat of violence against school children is still high in Israel and Thailand, but we don’t hear nearly as many successful attacks being carried out since they started arming teachers.  Their programs have proven to be very successful and I believe we should implement the same thing here.  Let’s arm our teachers before we disarm the people.

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