Armed Citizen Uses Gun to Protect Woman in Domestic Dispute

What would you do if you were driving along and you saw a man in another car hitting his female passenger?

Would you just watch in horror as the woman gets beaten or would you get involved to save her from the violence?

In today’s society, most people are too afraid to get involved. They are afraid of getting hurt or being sued in our litigation happy society. But a woman in North Texas is glad that there is one good Samaritan left in the world.

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The good Samaritan, who has not been identified, was driving in Southlake, Texas when he observed the male driver of a car beating his female passenger. Believing the female passenger to be in imminent danger, the good Samaritan got out of his care at the next intersection, pulled his licensed conceal carry gun and pointed it at the male abuser and waited for police to arrive.

When the police arrived, the good Samaritan was still standing with his gun aimed at the male driver. The gun-toting hero made a citizen’s arrest and the police carted the abuser off to jail to face charges.

Southlake Police Chief Steve Mylett commented about what happened:

“While we commend this citizen’s willingness to get involved in order to protect a victim of a crime, the Southlake Police Department does not encourage the public to expose themselves in such a manner.”

Witnesses at the scene praised the good Samaritan’s actions. Mistina Doland told the local media:

“It’s amazing that in this day in age that people are willing to reach out and help.”

Doland’s sister Lindsey Bryant who also there at the time added:

“I hope more people see this and are willing to go the extra mile for someone who like this woman, didn’t have a voice and couldn’t speak up for herself.”

We have no idea if the good Samaritan would have gotten involved if he was not carrying his legal concealed carry gun. Chances are he might not have, in which case this provides another argument for allowing the American people to legally carry their guns with them.

Over the years we have heard countless tales of armed Americans saving lives and stopping crimes. Yet Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to take your legal right to carry a gun away from you. They both favor the UN Small Arms Treaty which would basically make the ownership of any handgun, hunting and sporting rifle and shotgun illegal. An unarmed America cannot fight back when they try to strong arm their way to their socialist form of government. However with more guns in the hands of US citizens than there are US citizens, that kind of a take over will be a lot more difficult.

My hat’s off to the good Samaritan in Southlake and I hope that more armed citizens will used their guns to get involved to protect lives and help stop some crimes.

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