Armed Citizens Thwart Criminals

On the morning local news I heard two accounts of legally armed citizens thwarting robberies.

In one account, an armed robber entered a small local grocery store and fired a shot.  Two clerks in the store responded by drawing their guns and shooting the robber.  Both men have conceal carry permits and most residents around the store said that this it is well known that they carry guns at the store.  This store hasn’t been robbed in some time because of that common knowledge, so police believe the robber, who was killed, was not from that neighborhood.

In the second account, a man was accosted by three men as he arrived outside where he worked.  The three demanded that the lone man give them all of his money.  An eyewitness said that at this moment gun shots rang out and all three criminals were wounded and the victim was not.  It turns out the victim has a conceal carry permit and he was carrying a gun at the time.

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I’ve previously reported about how others who were legally armed used those guns to protect themselves and their small children.  If more Americans were armed like these men and women were, we would have a lot less crime in our nation.  Criminals may think twice before they try to rob, attack or break into someone’s home, not knowing if they will end up shot or not.

But liberals like Bob Costas, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to disarm Americans and take away their ability to defend themselves.  They only see the evil that some people create by using their guns illegally.  They seem to be blind to incidents where law abiding citizens use their guns to prevent those evil people from making them victims.

The police can’t be everywhere and protect everyone.  That leaves our protection to ourselves and the best way to do that is to carry a gun and know how to use it.

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