Armed Pharmacist – 1; Armed Robber – Dead

What’s the best defense when facing an armed robber?

Liberal tyrants tell you the best defense is to be unarmed and give them everything they want. They want to place you at the mercy of a person who has criminal intent with no idea if they intend to shoot you or not.

Conservative patriots tell you the best defense is to be armed and only give the robber your lead. If someone pulls a gun on you, you have the right to defend yourself and that includes carrying a loaded gun or having one handy, depending upon where you are at the time.

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How many times have you heard of an armed robber shooting and killing their victims so they can’t identify them? Just watch the local news or watch some of the real life crime programs and you will see an alarming number of such cases. Just last month I wrote about an incident in my home town of Mesa, Arizona where an illegal alien shot and killed a 21 year old clerk at a convenience store a mile from where I used to live. I can’t say that the clerk would still be alive if he had been armed, but at least he may have had a chance, like the pharmacist in Pinch, West Virginia.

According to reports, a man walked into the Good Family Pharmacy in Pinch and pulled a gun on the pharmacist. Instead of handing over their hard earned money and pills, the pharmacist pulled out his own gun and shot the robber twice. After getting shot in the chest, the would-be thief died from his wound.

Patrick Good, the owner of the pharmacy, is a strong believer in defending yourself and has no problem with his staff being armed. He commented:

“He (the pharmacist) was just joking that this guy must be here to rob us. Whenever he said that, the guy stood in front of a customer and pulled his gun out.”

“You can’t just be passive when people come in trying to rob you. I mean, you work all of your life for stuff like this, and you can’t just let someone take it away from you.”

“You’re always prepared. We carry all the time. You always have that in the back of your mind. You just hope and pray that you never have to act on it.”

Good was also reported as saying:

“Everybody is okay except the robber. He’s not okay.”

Knowing that the pharmacist at the Good Family Pharmacy is armed and has already shot and killed one would be robber, how many more times do you think they’ll be targeted in the future? Thieves and gunmen generally target gun-free businesses and places like schools, restaurants, theaters and retailers who either post or make it known that they are gun free zones.

Within weeks of Target announcing that they were gun-free zones, at least three different Target stores were held up by armed robbers. Columbine High School, Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Aurora Theater were all gun free zones. US military bases are also gun free zones unless you’re military police or need a gun in your training and look what happened not once, but twice at Ft. Hood.

The infamous 1991 shooting at the Luby’s Restaurant in Killeen, Texas resulted in the shooting deaths of 23 people and wounding of 20 others. The shooting was at a time when Texas law forbid conceal carry weapons in places like the restaurant. Suzanna Hupp obeyed the law and left her conceal carry handgun in her car outside the restaurant and then watched as George Hennard murdered her parents along with all the others. She knew that if she had her gun that she could have stopped him early on and saved many lives, including the lives of her parents.

You rarely hear about anyone knowingly walking into a gun friendly place and pulling a gun for evil purposes. I keep bringing up the point that Obama doesn’t want your children attending schools where staff are armed yet his kids attend a school with at least 11 armed guards. That alone should tell you the safety of being in the presence of responsible armed citizens.

I applaud the pharmacist at the Good Family Pharmacy in Pinch, West Virginia and if I lived in the area, they would definitely have my business. On the flip side, I no longer shop at Target or go to Panera after they went gun free. Why place yourself in harm’s way or support those to deny you of your constitutional right to bear arms and defend yourself?

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