Armed Texas Homeowners Defend Themselves from Armed Intruders

If you’re a woman, imagine being home alone in a rural area when you hear someone rattling your front door.  You don’t recognize who they are.  You call your husband just as the two teenaged boys break into your house and you see that they are armed.  What do you do?

That’s exactly what happened to a woman in the small rural community of Maypearl, Texas, about 45 miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It was Wednesday afternoon, she was home alone at their farmhouse when she heard her front door rattling.  She looked out and saw two young men, one dressed in camouflage and had a gun strapped across his back.

She immediately called her husband and then ran to get her gun.  Her husband was just pulling into the driveway when the intruders broke into the house.  He entered the house through the back door, grabbed his gun and began shooting at the intruders.  A gun fight ensued.  The husband was wounded in the side but not seriously.  The two teenaged intruders must have realized that they were over matched and rather than face going to jail, they took their own lives.

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Lt. James Saulter from the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department commented about the incident saying:

“The homeowner was hit. There’s multiple rounds through his house.  Actually, one of them went through the side, and is above the bed in the master bedroom.”

“Our sheriff is always letting homeowners know to arm themselves. This is one of the reasons why.  Sometimes it takes a while for us to get out this far, and they have to take care of it themselves.”

“They were in fear for their lives, their house was being broken into, the suspects were armed.  Early indications are everything was justified.”

Can you imagine if this had happened in a state like New York or New Jersey where people are required by the law to keep their guns unloaded and locked up in a gun safe?  Would this woman and her husband have had time to open the safe and load the guns before being confronted by the armed intruders?  Having guns unloaded and locked up is the same as not having a gun in the house for self-protection.

I’ve always lived in a house with loaded and accessible guns.  Even as a kid, my parents made sure that all of us kids knew where every gun was kept and that they were loaded and ready to use if needed.  We were also taught to respect the guns and never ever play with them.

Had President Obama and the liberal Democrats had their way, the family would not have had their guns and quite probably would have ended up like Herbert Clutter and his family.  In 1959, intruders broke into their farm house and killed four of six family members as chronicled in the famous book and movie In Cold Blood.

If she followed Vice President Joe Biden’s words of wisdom, she would have grabbed her shotgun, excused herself as she exited the door and passed the intruders so she could fire her shotgun into the air to scare them off.  Think about this really hard as this is the advice of the man that is next in line to be Commander in Chief if anything happens to Obama.  Is this really what we want from our national leaders?

I don’t know how else to say this politely, but Joe Biden is a stupid and arrogant moron.  Besides telling women to empty their only form of protection and commit an illegal act in most areas, he also recently referred to former Rep. Gabby Giffords as being mortally wounded.  Yet, she still lives and breathes and even though she took a bullet in her brain she still has more intelligence and common sense than Biden.

It may be a tragedy that the two teenagers killed themselves, but that was their choice, not the homeowners.  If they were in that bad of a mental state where they so readily took their own lives, they most likely would have had no problem in taking the lives of the couple.  But praise the Lord, this Texas couple is alive and doing well.  They had their guns, knew how to use them and kept them available for quick access.

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