Armed Woman To Burglar: If You Move, You’re Going To The Morgue

The other day, we brought you a story about an Oregon military vet who took Joe Biden’s warning shot advice and ended up being charged with Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Menacing and Reckless Endangering. His AR-15 was confiscated as a result, and it won’t be returned unless the judge finds him not guilty.

Perhaps that vet should’ve taken some advice from this Ohio resident who was confronted with a similar incident. While the vet warned his intruder with a shot to the ground, this woman warned her intruder:  “If you move, you’re gonna go to the morgue.”

The Blaze recounted what happened:

 “Tammy Takach of Steubenville was sleeping Thursday morning when a noise in her home woke her up. She told WPXI-TV she grabbed her gun and went downstairs to find an intruder who’d entered through a window holding an air conditioning unit. He begged her not to call the police. ‘He stood up and put his hands up,’ Takach told WTOV-TV. ‘He said, “I’m just going to go. I’m sorry,” and I said, “The only place you’re going to go is jail, and if you move, you’re gonna go to the morgue, because I’m going to blow your f-ing head off.”’ Takach kept the gun aimed at him the entire time until police arrived. Upstairs, Takach’s son was still asleep, completely unaware of what was happening.”

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I think this is best way to handle a burglary like this. I probably wouldn’t have used her exact words though.

It didn’t seem as if the guy was a threat to the woman’s life. So there wasn’t any reason to kill him. I guess he wasn’t armed himself, and he was probably counting on the victim not being armed. It would’ve been different if he had gun, threatened her or was aggressive. In that case, her life would have been at risk, and I think killing him would have been justified.

But he wasn’t like that. He held his hands up. He surrendered. Yes, he obviously wanted to leave after he realized she had a gun, but that’s when the woman rightfully threatened lethal force if he were to try to get away. So, she held him there at gunpoint until the police arrived.

This makes the police’s job a lot easier. They didn’t have to get a call from the woman saying that some guy came in a stole such and such and then ran away. They probably wouldn’t have been able to devote all that much time to finding the burglar. It wouldn’t have been a priority. All they had to do in this case is come by and arrest the guy. Now, he’s facing 9 years in jail on burglary and “possession of criminal tools” charges.

It’s incidents like this that make the case against gun control. Mrs. Takach said that she and her husband own multiple firearms and go to the range frequently. If that were something that was encouraged instead of discouraged, people would be safer, and more criminals would be off the streets.

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