Army Event Trains Military Personnel To Install Condoms As Fast As Possible

For years, the US military has been warning their soldiers, sailors and airmen about STDs.  That’s nothing new.  From reports over the years, most of that training goes in one ear and out the other as so many military personnel seem to play around more when away from home.

Perhaps that’s why Army trainers in Hawaii took a novel new approach in teaching soldiers how to be safer faster.  At the Schofield Barracks on Oahu, a special Valentine’s Day program was held.  The topic was alcohol, drugs and STDs.

A slide show was shown to the military audience.  Afterwards, the trainers called for volunteers, from which they selected two female and two male soldiers to come up on stage.  Then according to an eyewitness account given to WND:

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“Two small tables covered with blankets had been on the stage throughout the presentation. The soldiers were told to remove the blankets from the tables. They did, exposing erect male penis devices lit-up and sitting on each table.”

“What occurred next was 15 minutes of contests to place condoms on male [models of penises],” the source said. ”The two men went first followed by the two women. It was done a second time with goggles on to simulate performing this while intoxicated. Then a third contest was conducted to see who could perform this task the fastest.”

“Worse yet, people in the audience were filming this event with cameras and cell phones. At the end as contest prizes were awarded, personnel would intentionally pose with their gifts in front of the display tables with the erect penises prominently displayed. The briefing went on for several more minutes while everything on the tables was left exposed in front of the audience.”

When a WND reporter tried to contact someone with public affairs at Schofield Barracks, they talked to a spokeswoman who identified her name as Stephanie.  In typical military fashion, Stephanie gave them the run around, saying:

“OK.  I’m going to have to track down the details and see what happened and why whatever happened happened. Let me try and track it down so I can get you an answer on that.”

I see this as part of Obama’s plan to weaken and destroy our military.  The moral standards of our military have been dragged down into the pits of perversion and abomination with the open acceptance and special privileges given to gays.  A number of morally proud military personnel are finding themselves in an awkward position.  They are having to decide whether or not to violate their religious beliefs in order to continue to serve until they reach retirement, or give everything up for the sake of those beliefs.  In addition, top military leaders are being asked if they would be willing to shoot fellow Americans if ordered to do so.  Those that say no are being denied top positions and literally being forced out of the military.

Now to see such moral depravity being used to train young men and women sinks the integrity of our military personnel to a new all-time low.  We have reached the hedonistic realms of Sodom, Gomorrah and ancient Rome just before they were destroyed.  Our time of destruction is nearly here and perhaps God is using Obama and his demonic powers to bring about the destruction of America because we as a nation have turned backs to God and embraced the temptations of Satan.

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