Ashley Judd: ‘I’m Glad I had an Abortion Instead of Giving Birth’

Actress Ashley Judd would likely changer her name to “Nasty Woman” if she could. She is the epitome of a feminazi, and brags about her abortion as if it was not a monstrous act.

Most people keep it to themselves if they get an abortion and murder the baby growing within their womb. Not Ashley Judd. She’s yelling from the rooftops how proud she is about it, and how glad she is that she got an abortion rather than give birth.

Fun fact for those of you out there reading this and shaking your head while saying, “It was just a fetus,” you should know that fetus actually translates into “offspring” in Latin. Learn something new everyday, huh?

During the Democratic National Convention, Judd talked about protecting rape victim’s rights and spoke lightly of abortions.
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She said, “If abortion had not been safe and legal at that time, I would have been forced to carry to term and deliver a child that was conceived in rape. We are a great country, and rapists have paternity rights in 22 states, including the state in which I was raped and the state which my rapist is from. I am very grateful to NARAL and Men for Choice for allowing me the dignity to make that excruciating decision for myself.”

Many agree with Judd that it should be easier to terminate rapists’ parental rights. Analyn Megison, a board member of of Hope After Rape Conception, had to fight her rapist for custody of her daughter.

She continued, “My custody case in Florida against my rapist started in 2010 and went on for a little over two years.  Though I had a restraining order and had pursued prosecution, he was not convicted of rape. At the time he sued for custody, I did not know how many states had no or limited legal protection at that time from a rapist biological father when the child was conceived from his attack. Those states which had laws required a rape conviction.”


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In case you missed her rant at the “nasty women’s” march, here you go. You’re welcome.

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