Asking For A Time Out: Is Holder Weak?

While I will throw out pleasant hypothetical outcomes that we can hope/work/pray for, I also try not to become too optimistic about our present “scandalpalooza” in the White House. But yesterday’s Fox News headline has made me start to wonder if we dare hope that the Obama regime is really vulnerable. It revealed to us that Attorney General Eric Holder is essentially asking for a “time out.”

“Holder, who agreed to conduct a review of DOJ guidelines over investigations that involve journalists, has set up meetings with members of the media for Thursday and Friday. Fox News was invited to the Friday session at Justice Department headquarters in Washington, though hasn’t yet decided whether to attend. The department, though, wants the meetings to be off the record, meaning the discussions would not be reportable. The Associated Press issued a statement saying it wants any meeting to be on the record, meaning it could be the subject of news stories. And The New York Times said it won’t attend because of the department’s off-the-record ground rules.”

I’m trying to think any situation in which the White House would do the same thing if someone important to the Tea Party was caught in some kind of scandal. If someone who was obviously in trouble in the media requested a meeting with members of all the media on the condition that the meeting be treated as strictly off the record, I can’t imagine Eric Holder or any other member of the current Democratic regime finding any sympathy. In fact, I can’t imagine any conservative making such a request because he would know that people would mock him for asking to keep stuff off the record.

Yet Eric Holder made that request. He seems to have thought he had enough prestige and good will with the media that he would get his way. I’m almost surprised that he is wrong.

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I’m not the only one. There are signs of outrage among the Obamanoids. Democratic Party communications director Brad Woodhouse actually tweeted, “POTUS asked AG to review how leak investigations are done but some in the media refuse to meet with him. Kind of forfeits your right gripe.” Having your private telephone logs recorded against your will so that no leaker will want to talk to you for fear of being caught is a “gripe”? Being characterized as a criminal just for doing your job as a reporter and getting a search warrant from a judge on that basis is a “gripe”?

The White House does not seem to be acting reasonably. They sound both arrogant and whiny at the same time. The ACLU even felt obligated to defend the news media from this comment.

The Obama Administration may survive all this stuff. In my opinion, they are still getting away with their worst scandal even as other stuff seems to be pulling them down. But even if they survive, for now, who knows what the future may hold. Obama could seem to recover, and then suddenly some new problem will bring all of this up again plus more.

George Orwell said it best: “Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.” Even if the Obama Administration recovers from this, it is obvious from their actions that they know they are not invincible. And that remains true even if they have another chance to forget it again.

We should never forget it, and never despair.

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