Atheist Clubs Invading Public Schools

A number of high schools across the country have a variety of after hour clubs that meet on or near the campuses.  They range from musical, to talent, to community service, to agriculture, to trades fundraising, to career interest, to interpersonal dynamics, to religion.  You name it and some school is bound to have a club for it.

Some Christian clubs have been around for a while and they vary on type from area to area like Fellowship of Christian Athletes to AWANAs.  In some locations, Jewish Student Union clubs are very popular.  In areas that have high concentrations of Asians, there are Hindu and Buddhist clubs.  And yes, there are a number of Muslim school clubs that meet on or near campuses.

Unfortunately there is a growing trend in high school clubs that may start attracting students and leading them in the wrong direction.  Secular Student Alliance is a national organization geared to college and high school clubs for atheists, humanists, freethinkers and agnostics.  Some students who are attracted to these clubs refer to themselves as ‘nones’ – they have no religious affiliation whatsoever.

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J.T. Eberhard, director of the high school program for Secular Student Alliance is working to expand the number of clubs in public high schools throughout the nation.  At the start of the last school year, they only knew of 12 SSA clubs, but that number rose to 39 by the end of the school year and they have requests for starter kits for 73 more clubs that they are working on.  In commenting about the SSA clubs Eberhard said:

“I am hoping that atheist students having their clubs and religious students having their clubs will promote dialogue.  I also hope it will let the atheist students know that you can be an atheist and it’s okay. You are still a good person. We want to say: Here is a place where you can feel that.”

They also point to several studies that indicate an increase in religious doubt among people born after 1980.  In the same reports, those that never doubt the existence of God have been dropping.

One of the main reasons belief in God has been decreasing among our younger generation is directly linked to the teaching of evolution in the public schools.  From the moment kids start kindergarten or first grade, they are hammered with godless evolution and taught to doubt everything the Bible and their parents teach them.  By the time they reach high school, they have had 8-9 years of evolutionary indoctrination that tells them they are foolish if they believe anything else.

While the growing trend for atheist clubs doesn’t surprise me, it does tell me that the Church in general is failing the younger generation.  In Scripture, we see several examples of how faith in God was lost in a single generation.  However, we also see where that faith is regained when the people realized their sinful ways, repented and returned to believing in the one true God.  And that is my hope and prayer for America.  Nothing is impossible for God and through enough prayers, He could heal our land.

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