Atheist Files Suit Over Restaurant’s Discount For Church Goers

I’ve been to many restaurants in my years that gave discounts to senior citizens and some to active military, but I was never able to qualify for them at the time because I was too young or no longer in the service.  I didn’t file a lawsuit claiming the restaurant owner was discriminating against me.

But that is exactly what a Pennsylvania man is doing.  Prudhomme Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia, Pennsylvania has been offering a 10% discount on Sundays to anyone who brings in that day’s bulletin from their church.  They started this discount a little more than a year ago, but have offered various other discounts over the years to help generate business, but no one has ever complained about not being able to take advantage of them until now.

John Wolff, an atheist, believes that is an unfair and discriminatory practice because he does not attend a church so is not eligible to receive the discount.  Consequently, he has filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission who is now forced to investigate the restaurant and its owners.

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In an interview with the media, Wolff stated:

“In this area in particular, we seem to have so many self-righteous religious people, so it just annoys me.”

Independent Law Center Chief Counsel Randall Wenger is representing the restaurant’s owners before the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and commented about the lawsuit saying:

“I think we’re so incensed at this point that God … religion and particularly Christianity [are] being treated as something toxic and poisonous and undeserving to be in the closet.  It’s one thing when government does it — that’s bad enough. But now, for government to be forcing, or trying to force, a private restaurant owner to treat religion as something toxic, I think just has a lot of people upset.”

“The agency should have looked at this thing and just thrown it out from the get-go because they’re not supposed to investigate claims that are frivolous.  Here you’ve got somebody who’s basically just saying hey — church attendance is a good thing, and anybody who brings in a church bulletin, we’re going to give a ten-percent discount on Sundays.”

Think about it, many businesses give discounts if you purchase their products over the Internet, but not everyone has the Internet, so are those without online access being discriminated against?  What about the coupons in the Sunday newspaper?  People who don’t get the newspaper don’t get the coupons so they can’t take advantage of the discounts either.

How many places have held special promotions where you show up in your pajamas or some costume and you receive a discount?  Better yet, professional sporting events who give out a promotion to everyone under a certain age and your son fails to qualify by a month?

The object of discounts and promotions is to bring people to your business.  Many businesses can’t afford to give the same discount to everyone because their profit margin in today’s economy is so narrow.  They rely on others paying regular price to help keep them afloat while giving discounts to others.  Hopefully, those using the discounts will like your products or food enough to and want to come back again and again and help you build your business.

Life isn’t fair to everyone and we have to stop giving in to all those that want it that way.  If I were the judge, I would not be able to stop laughing at the ridiculousness of this complaint as I would tell Mr. Wolff to get a life and quit being a cry baby.

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