Atheists – The 5% That Are Stripping The Majority Of Their Rights

I remember a time when it was quite rare to find anyone who would admit publicly that they were an atheist.  I know they existed, but I really never met one until I went to college.

In the 1960s atheism became a center of media attention as Madelyn Murray O’Hair launched a legal campaign to get God, Bibles and prayer out of the public schools.  Even though this was occurring at the beginning of the hippie and drug cultures, most mainstream Americans were still highly religious and O’Hair was considered to be public enemy number one to many of them.

Once O’Hair opened the door, more and more atheists began to make their voices heard.  Lawsuits began springing up all over the country and continue to do so today.  It seems that their voices are being heard the loudest and influencing the courts the greatest.

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But does anyone really know how much of a minority they are for getting so much of their way?

A newly released report may just give us that glimpse into just how few there were and how they are starting to increase.  The Global Index of Religiosity and Atheism was a study conducted by WIN-Gallup International.  Contained in the report are figures comparing religiosity and atheism in 2005 to 2012.  According to the report, the percentage of Americans that claimed they were religious dropped from 73% in 2005 to 60% in 2012.  On the opposite side, the percentage of Americans that identified themselves as being atheists rose from 1% in 2005 to 5% in 2012.

These figures indicate that less than 1% of the population managed to scream loud enough to start stripping away the rights of the vast majority of the American population.  The term Silent Majority could not have been more accurate, because religious Americans just sat by quietly and allowed these few individuals to walk all over them.

In the past seven years, the number of atheists increased by 500% and they have become even more active in trying to strip the majority of Americans of more of their rights.  They have formed groups like American Atheists who have been actively fighting the Ground Zero Cross.  They’ve also launched a billboard campaign across the country that ridicule people who believe in God.

Other atheist groups have joined in the legal onslaught against religion and religious people.  Groups such as Freedom From Religion Foundation and Military Religious Freedom Foundation are attacking any and all forms of religious expression in the military, public schools, government entities and any public forum.  They are attacking the National Motto, the Pledge of Allegiance, crosses on military graves and they continue to bully every public school in the country.

And as long as the Silent Majority continues to remain silent, they will allow only 5% of the population to dictate to the majority and strip them of every one of their religious rights until there aren’t any left.

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