Atheists Threaten New Congressmen-women About Joining Prayer Caucus

The Congressional Prayer Caucus was formed in 2005 by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA).  Today, the caucus has over 100 bipartisan members and meets weekly in Room 217 in the US Capitol Building.  Currently Forbes and Mike McIntyre (D-NC) co-chair the caucus.

However, you can forget your freedom of religion if you’re one of the newly elected members to the US House of Representatives.

The American Humanist Association has sent a letter to all of the newly elected members of the House, warning them against joining the Congressional Prayer Caucus.  Part of the letter reads:

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“Incoming House members should know that approximately one in five of their constituents are not religiously affiliated, and even more insist on maintaining the wall of separation between church and state.”

Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of AHA also warned in the letter that any type of endorsement of public prayer will:

“…alienate millions of non-religious Americans who oppose the joining of religion and government.”

Prayer Caucus Co-chairman Rep. Forbes commented about the letter saying:

“What these extremist groups are fighting for – and they’ve got a lot of dollars and they’re well orchestrated – is they want to make certain that no one in government can even mention God or faith or religion, and no one in the church can mention anything about government.  That is far from what the First Amendment was written to protect.”

Someone needs to point out to all of the new House members that received this letter that it states 1 in 5 are not religiously affiliated.  That leaves 4 in 5 that are!  I don’t know about you, but if I were a Congressman, I would be much more concerned about the 80% than I would be about the 20%.  Twenty percent won’t get you elected to anything, but sure 80% sure can.

Additionally, a member of Congress will alienate many more millions of Americans who oppose the fallacious separation of church and state.

The bottom line is that a minority is trying to threaten newly elected House members by drawing their attention and focus away from the majority of their constituents to a small minority.  That godless minority will succeed if we, the Silent Majority, remain silent and say nothing to our representatives in Washington.  It’s up to every one of you to make your voices heard and urge your Congressman-woman to join the Congressional Prayer Caucus and ignore the letter they received from the AHA.

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