Atheists Use Bible for Racist Billboard in Response to ‘Year of the Bible’

The Pennsylvania legislature passed a bill making 2012 the ‘Year of the Bible.’  In response, American Atheists and Pennsylvania Nonbelievers erected a billboard only a few blocks from the state capitol that depicts a black slave wearing shackles.  The caption on the billboard quotes Colossians 3:22 with the words ‘Slaves, obey your masters.’  Additional billboard text reads,

‘This lesson in Bronze Age ethics brought to you THE YEAR OF THE Bible and the House of Representatives.’

One of the state representatives that supported the bill, Rep Thaddeus Kirkland said the billboard took the Bible verse out of context to purposely portray racism and hatred.  Kirkland and many others have found the billboard to be offensive and in very poor taste.  The billboard has since been vandalized leaving only the Scripture reference and the head of the black slave.

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President of the Pennsylvania Nonbelievers, Brian Fields, posted the following comment on their website,

“I want to say that I’m truly sorry that many people have misunderstood this billboard. It was never our intention to use “race” as our message itself – The point of our billboard was:

  1. The bible is NOT holy or moral as promoted by the PA House of Representatives in the “Year of the Bible”.
  2. The bible was used as an excuse for many very bad things – Including American slavery.

We would have hoped this message was clearer to observers. In any case, the point is currently moot. The billboard was destroyed by vandals overnight. Attached is an image, submitted by one of our members who discovered it, of the destruction.

The irony of course is in what they destroyed: they left the bible verse that supports slavery, one of many missed opportunities in the bible for the authors to actually say “Slavery is bad”. They removed the entire point of the billboard, the criticism, and left the actual ignorant and savage part.”

One of the most successful arguments used by atheists is to point out that Bible professing Christians are not perfect.  Whenever a Christian, especially a prominent Christian, does something wrong they label them as hypocrites and use them to show that not even Christians live by what the Bible teaches.

This demonstrates that they have no concept of what the Bible really teaches in that all men are sinners.  It is our sinful nature to do things that are against God’s will.  And it is because of this nature that we need Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  He not only gives us the free gift of salvation but He also gives us the strength to resist doing many of the bad things one would normally do, but still being human, we are incapable of being perfect in everything.

So While Fields is correct in saying that the Bible has been used to justify a number of atrocities, he also forgets how many millions of people have been slaughtered by atheists.  He forgets about the millions put to death by Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and others.

Worse yet, Fields has no idea of how many souls have been sent to the eternal punishment and torment of Hell because of the influence of atheism.

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