Atheists Use Video of Burning Churches to Promote Event

On September 25, 2010, Fort Bragg played host to a Christian concert event called, Rock the Fort.  The event was sponsored by the Fort Bragg Garrison Religious Support Office and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  Held on the Main Post Parade Field, the event was free and open to all at Fort Bragg and surrounding community.  It featured the Christian rock band Hawk Nelson, singer Jason Crabb, children’s ministry God Rocks Ministry and speaker Josh Holland from the Billy Graham Association who gave a Gospel presentation.

One army sergeant, Justin Griffith claimed to be offended that the army would host such a Christian evangelical event on a military base like Fort Bragg.  Griffith is an atheist, who said,

“We felt it was entirely inappropriate for anyone to say your current religion is wrong.  We view all soldiers as already spiritually complete. Whatever their current religious preference is has no bearing on how fit they are as a soldier or anything related to military business.”

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In response to the Rock the Fort event, Griffith has played an integral role in organization a Rock Beyond Belief atheist counter event to also be held at Fort Bragg. His new national atheistic activism has earned him the position of Military Director of American Atheists.

Rock Beyond Belief is scheduled to be held at the Main Post Parade Field, Fort Bragg on March 31, 2012 and will run from noon to 9:00 pm.  On their site, their lineup includes 10 speakers (including keynote speaker Richard Dawkins), and 6 music groups (including atheist band Aiden).  Also present at the event will be Camp Quest, a secular summer camp organization to run programs to indoctrinate kids with evolution and atheism.

The Rock Beyond Belief website also features a music video by Aiden and bills it as the atheist anthem.  The video depicts the burning of churches and synagogues along with an outright blasphemous treatment of Christianity.  I was going to include this video but it was so repulsive and blasphemous that I did not want to promote it or expose anyone else to it as I wish I had never seen it.

Connected with their atheist theme is evolution.  Their keynote speaker, Richard Dawkins is one of the most vocal evolutionists in the world.  One of their musicians will rap about evolution.  One of the kid’s activities will feature a kiddy pool that will give kids the opportunity to scientifically walk on water, which is an attempt to mock the biblical account of Jesus walking on the water.

So often I hear from Christians that God used evolution to create.  They need to realize that evolutionists like Dawkins fully understand that evolution is a direct contradiction to what the Bible teaches about God and creation.  Additionally, evolutionists do not have to make any compromises to their belief whereas Christians who also believe in evolution MUST make compromises to their faith and belief in God and the Bible

Note that Griffith was offended with the Christian event but has no qualms with offending anyone with his godless event.  In other words, it’s okay for him to promote his religious beliefs (atheism is a religion) but it is not okay for anyone else to promote their religion.  Interestingly, atheists criticize Christians for their intolerance to other religions, but they are even more intolerant of Christianity than Christian is against them.  Where they mock Christians, Christians pray for atheists.

Griffith states that faith is not necessary to the attribute of being a good soldier.  Obviously, he refuses to see the true history of America and how important the role of God was in the birth of our nation.

George Washington, the first Commander of the Army started and ended every day on his knees in prayer.  He knew that his army should never have prevailed against the British army who was better trained, better armed, better fed and clothed and who outnumbered the colonial army.  Washington praised God for His victory over the British and that the only reason the colonists won their independence was solely by the intervention of God.

Join me in prayer that God will intervene in this upcoming event and instead of using it for evil, that He will use it for good.  It reminds me of Genesis 50:20 that reads,

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

After all, if God used Balaam’s ass for good why can’t He also use Sgt. Griffith and the Rock Beyond Belief event this March to save many eternal lives.

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