Atheists Want to Pull Chair Out From Under Pope

This is new depths of pettiness even for the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The FFRF, one of the nation’s leading atheist whiners’ groups, has actually sent a letter to the Philadelphia Prison System complaining about a special project in which inmates are carving and upholstering a special chair for when Pope Francis visits later this month.

Once again, the self-proclaimed “nonreligious” folks are mewling about their religious sensibilities being offended.

Well, cut me an onion and break out the world’s smallest violin.

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FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor wrote in the letter, “This is literally a captive audience, being asked to labor to produce something for a sectarian purpose, a purely devotional event, and that is totally inappropriate. It doesn’t matter whether the prisons asked for volunteers — prison officials shouldn’t have been involved at all.”

If you think Gaylor has any concern whatsoever for the poor, belabored prisoners, I can sell you 1,000 acres on the moon for real cheap.

The FFRF also sent a letter to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office griping about a ticket giveaway for the pope’s appearance in Central Park.

“This practice violates the well-established constitutional principle that the government must remain neutral toward religion,” Gaylor wrote in that letter.

How about we re-establish that principle and realize that the FFRF is just another religious organization trying to force its dogma on the public?

Because that’s what it is.

FFRF, one of the most annoying hate groups around, exists to promote the atheist worldview above other religions, and if possible establish atheism as the only publicly endorsed religion anywhere.

Surprisingly, this gets a lot of traction among judges, lawyers and politicians who can’t see through FFRF “nonreligion” baloney.

Hopefully, recipients of the FFRF’s latest round of letters will file them properly — in the round file by the door.

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