Attorney Association Bans Biblical Marriage Conference

Christian Concern is an organization that is passionate about restoring the nation’s Christian faith.  According to their website,

“Our nation has been shaped and defined by this faith for hundreds of years. Yet in the last few decades the nation has largely turned her back on Jesus and embraced alternative ideas such as secular liberal humanism, moral relativism and sexual license. The fruit of this is rotten, and can be seen in widespread family breakdown, immorality and social disintegration.”

“Yet we believe that this nation has a hope, and that hope can be found in Jesus Christ. On this basis we seek to awaken the Church. We need to be passionate about our faith and become a light and a witness to the nation.”

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One of the areas they feel are making a negative impact on the nation is marriage and the broadening acceptance of same-sex marriages.  They joined forces with the World Congress of Families to hold a marriage colloquium with the emphasis being the preservation of the biblical definition of marriage.

The British government is on the verge of legally redefining marriage to include same-sex marriage and the conference was set up to debate the issue and defend the biblical definition.  Some of the conservative members of Parliament have blamed election losses on British Prime Minister David Cameron’s open endorsement of same-sex marriages.

Some of the speakers they had lined up for the colloquium included a British High Court judge, and other notables from throughout the UK.

The conference was supposed to be held on the premises of the Law Society in England.  Oh yeah, while you may have thought this was another US ministry, I need to tell you that Christian Concern is located in the United Kingdom.

Just prior to the event, the Law Society notified Christian Concern that they were being denied the use of the premises for the conference because it was promoting a definition of marriage that did not allow for the diversity that they believe in.  That diversity is the acceptance of same-sex marriage.

Law Society Chief Executive Desmond Hudson said,

“We are proud of our role in promoting diversity in the solicitors’ profession and felt that the content of this conference sat uncomfortably with our stance. Through our events and venues supplier, we have assisted the organizers in identifying an alternative, non Law Society venue.”

Members of Christian Concern believe the Law Society is misreading and misusing Britain’s Equality Act.  Chief Executive Andrea Williams said,

“Since when can debate be against diversity?  This action by the professional body of thousands of solicitors across the U.K., all of whom would be supportive of ‘free speech’, demonstrates how discussion on traditional views of marriage is being shut down before any change in the law to redefine marriage has come into force.”

“How can the Law Society’s ‘diversity policy’ not include the protection and respect of a range of views on the issue of marriage and, why has the Law Society adopted a pro-same-sex marriage policy ahead of the outcome of the Government’s Consultation and, without consulting its members?

“This colloquium was intended to be a genuine open debate on the issues, constructing a case for marriage in the public sphere, and they seem to be closing it down.”

Ben Harris-Quinney from the Bow Group and one of the scheduled speakers at the conference said,

“That a broad and professional organization like the Law Society would decide to attempt to ban such a necessary, salient debate from taking place on their premises is exceptionable, and calls into question the value of their function in representing solicitors in England & Wales in upholding the law of a free nation.”

The reason I share this news from across the Big Pond is to say that the same thing could well happen here in the US.  Gay activists have been putting so much pressure on so many organizations that it is causing them to get lawsuit shy.  Couple that with Barack Obama’s open endorsement of gay marriage and his orders to the Department of Justice not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, many churches and ministries will be experiencing the same thing that Christian Concern just did.  I’m telling you now that it happened there and will happen here soon if Christians continue to do nothing.

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