Attorney General Releases Murdering Terrorists Upon Request

Attorney General Eric Holder, head of the Department of Justice, has been setting militant members of the New Black Panthers, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson free.  Shabazz is the national head of the New Black Panthers and Jackson is a member of the Philadelphia Black Panthers and a Democratic Party official.

J. Christian Adams, a former Department of Justice attorney had worked in the Civil Rights Division where he had brought charges of violation of civil rights against two members of the New Black Panther group for voter intimidation.  He had a strong case against the two men, but Attorney General Eric Holder refused to press the charges any further and both men were released and the case dropped.

As a result of the DOJ’s failure to support the prosecution of civil rights violators, Adams resigned from his position with the department.

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Now Adams is reporting that Attorney General Eric Holder has released another black militant that makes Shabazz and Jackson look like choir boys.

Last year, Holder ordered the release of convicted murdere Marilyn Buck, a member of the violent Marxist group the Black Liberation Army.  Buck’s rap sheet reads like an Al Qaeda training manual:

  • Acquisition of weapons and ammunition
  • Armored car robbery that resulted in the murder of a guard
  • Bombing US Senate Building
  • Bombing Ft. McNair
  • Bombing Washington Navy Yard Officer’s Club
  • Bombing New York City federal building.
  • Participated in the conspiracies that led to the death of multiple police officers

In most states, Marilyn Buck would have been given a lethal injection or the electric chair.  Instead, Attorney General Eric Holder ordered her to be set free because she supposedly: “expressed a dramatic change from her previous political philosophy.”

The Department of Justice received a number of letters from teachers, professors, politicians and lawyers requesting that Buck be released.  Adams points out that the one letter that most likely had the biggest impact was sent by Jill Elijah from Brooklyn, NY.  In her letter, Elijah wrote:

“…a warm nurturing living arrangement is available to Ms. Buck in my home located in Brooklyn. . . . I and my family look forward to her joining our home.”

The letterhead used by Elijah for her letter to the DOJ was Harvard Law School.  It turns out that Jill Elijah runs the Criminal Justice Institute at Harvard Law School.  Also on the letterhead was the name of Charles Ogletree.  Ogletree is the Jesse Climenko Professor of Law at Harvard law School and Director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice.  More importantly, Ogletree is a close friend and mentor to one Barack Obama and his daughter, Rashida was recently added to the staff of lawyers at the Department of Justice.

Adams ends with the following comments about the letters the DOJ received on behalf of Marilyn Buck and the implications it has on our society:

“Students of history often wonder how civilized countries can devolve into murderous nightmares.  These letters provide a homegrown American example of sophisticates excusing murderous behavior because they agree with the murderer’s political philosophy.  Simply, they are chilling.

Also chilling is that the militant and destructive ideas that fueled Buck’s murderous campaigns have gained creeping acceptability in American institutions.  Teachers, professors, politicians and lawyers all clamored for Buck’s release.  This acceptance is no simple oddity.  It is a harbinger of danger.”


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