Stop Buying Gillette: Razor Co. Ad Features Father Teaching Transgender ‘Son’ How to Shave

Robert Mueller Issues Statement – Clears Trump Again

Last year he Was a Male Track Star Now He’s Swamping Competition After ‘Becoming’a Transgender Female

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Texas Passes Law Allowing Citizens to Open Carry Firearms for a Full Week After Natural Disasters

Another Hate Crime Hoax Busted: New Yorker Claims Attack by Homophobes, Turns Out HE was the Attacker

Democrat New Mexico Gov. Who Pulled Troops from Border, Now Demands Federal Help for Border Crisis

Pennsylvania High School Blurs Out Students’ Trump Hats in School Yearbook

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The Civil War General Who Helped Give Birth to Memorial Day

REMEMBER: Thousands of American Soldiers Lie Buried in U.S. Military Cemeteries Across the World

California City Bans All Tobacco and E-Cigarette Sales – Except for the Super-Rich

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A Baby Died Because Doctors Were Lied to that a Pregnant Woman Was ‘A Man’

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Poll Gives Best Evidence So Far that Trump Could Win Re-Election

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Trump Signs Order to Get Immigrants Off Welfare, Require Sponsors to Pay Bill

Hundreds of Federal Workers Quitting After Plan to Move Agencies Out of D.C. Proposed

Petty Obama Envious of Wife’s Big Book Sales, Outs Her for Ghostwriter

Feds Indict WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Under Espionage Act

New Trump Brand .45 ACP Handgun Ammo Sure to Rile Liberals Everywhere

New Jersey Man Losses Job After Being Charged with Urinating on Memorial for 9-Year-Old Boy

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Camping World CEO Refuses to Remove Giant American Flag Despite City’s Threats

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