Autopsy Reveals Planned Parenthood Guilty of Death and Gross Negligence of Patient

In April of this year, 24 year old Tonya Reaves, mother of a year old son entered the Loop Health Center Planned Parenthood clinic in Chicago with the intention of aborting her unborn child.  When all was said and done, not only was Tonya’s unborn child dead but was so was she, leaving her infant son without a mother.

Cheryl Sullenger, spokesperson for Operation Rescue has revealed that the official autopsy states that Tonya died as a direct result of the surgical abortion procedure she was undergoing.  At the time of the abortion, Tonya was 16 weeks into her pregnancy, placing her in the second trimester.

More horrifying yet is that Sullenger learned that Tonya lay hemorrhaging in the Planned Parenthood clinic for five and a half hours before they decided to get help.  When Tonya did arrive at a hospital emergency room, none of the Planned Parenthood staff provided any information on what had happened.  By the time they discovered what had happened and what needed to be done to repair her perforated uterus and possible torn artery, Tonya was dead.

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Sullenger commented:

“What we also determined was that all of those complications were survivable, if she had received emergency care in a timely manner.  Instead, Planned Parenthood let her hemorrhage in the abortion clinic for five and a half hours before getting her help.”

“We are going to file a complaint with the medical board in Illinois against Carolyn Hoke, who is the medical director for Planned Parenthood.  We believe she was the abortionist who was responsible for Tonya’s botched abortion.”

Since this particular Planned Parenthood does not advertise that it performs surgical abortions, Sullenger and her group are questioning if they are even equipped or competent to perform such procedures.  From seeing what happened to Tonya Reaves, I would say they are not so equipped or competent.  Nor do they seem to have any medical sense whatsoever.  Who can stand around and watch a woman hemorrhage for five and half hours before getting her help?  That’s like watching a bus approaching a child playing in the street and doing nothing until right before the bus runs the child over and then yell for the kids to move.

Because of their lack of proper and timely medical care along with their un-cooperation with hospital emergency staff, I believe that charges of manslaughter and medical negligence should be filed against all the Planned Parenthood staff involved in Tonya’s death.  They caused the injury that lead to her death.  They did not seek emergency medical help for five and half hours, during which they had to be aware of the amount of blood she lost.  Then they did nothing to help the ER staff save Tonya’s life.

I would also pray that this would be sufficient grounds for the state of Illinois to pull any licenses or permits that allow the Planned Parenthood clinic from ever butchering another woman again.

But here is the ironic part.  Democrats will continue to defend Planned Parenthood and their right to murder other women and then accuse Republicans who value the lives of mothers and unborn children of waging a war on women.  Ask yourself, who is waging the war on women and who is trying to save their lives?  If Tonya Reaves had a chance, I bet she would look a little closer at the GOP and their lifesaving efforts.

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