Awkward! Colbert Informs Leftist Audience That Trump Fired Comey & They Cheer…He Corrects Them (Video)

Well, this is pretty humorous! Stephen Colbert broke the news to his liberal audience that President Donald Trump had JUST fired FBI director, James Comey. So their response? Cheering, of course! After all, they all hate Comey because he caused Hillary Clinton to “lose” right? HA

Wrong. Colbert has to quickly correct the exuberant crowd, and proceeds to set them “straight” or at least as straight as lefty can be! He tries a gentle slap on the wrist, stating: “Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here, tonight.” Then he lays into it. See for yourself:


I seriously cannot get over how absolutely annoying and obnoxious that Colbert is, and his mocking voice when impersonating Trump is extremely irritating. He is so full of crap!

In the clip, Colbert indirectly states that the only reason President Trump let Comey go is because the FBI was investigating him. However, we already know that is not true. Therefore his grasps are desperate, just like Anderson Cooper’s foolish comments on CNN when Kellyanne Conway set him straight.

So what is it, democrats? Are you supportive of James Comey or do you hate him? Make up your mind!

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