AZ Politician to Provide Shotguns to Residents in High Crime Areas

This should really get the White House all rankled up.  As they are trying to fight violence by removing guns from the general public, one Arizona politician sees it the other way around.

Shaun McClusky, a former mayoral candidate in Tucson has launched a program to get shotguns into the hands of homeowners in crime-prone areas to help them protect themselves.  Under his program, qualified individuals would have to undergo a background check and complete the necessary training.  Then they would be given the funds to purchase a basic shotgun to use for self-defense.  (Remember Biden telling everyone to buy a shotgun?)

McClusky believes that citizens need to take stronger measures to protect themselves. He’s raised $12,000 for the program so far and hopes to be able to raise a lot more.  He told the local newspaper:

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“We need to take back our city, and it needs to come back to the citizens and not the criminals.  Right now, the criminal element is winning.”

Some Tucson officials disagree with McClucky’s plan.  Steve Kozachik, a Tucson city council member commented about his plan, saying:

“To suggest that giving away … loaded shotguns in high-crime areas will make anybody safer is pure idiocy.  This is coming from a purported leader in the local Republican Party, the same group who last year auctioned off a Glock and a rifle as fundraisers. Now they’re giving them away in our community? They’re totally out of touch with the values of this city.”

Kozachik was a Republican who announced in January that he was switching to the Democratic Party because of the backlash he received over his gun buyback program.  Fellow Republicans claimed that gun buyback programs do little to remove illegal guns from the streets or deter crime.

He and other Democrats are clueless to the fact that some of the safest neighborhoods in the nation are those that have the highest per capita gun ownership such as Kennesaw, Georgia where gun ownership is a city requirement.

Just like a well-armed and trained nation is the best way avoid invasion, so is a well-armed and trained homeowner the best way to prevent a home invasion.  Hopefully, McClusky will be able to raise a lot more money and help arm more Tucson residents, allowing them to protect themselves.

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