AZ Sheriff Says Obama’s Amnesty to Allow 20 Million Illegals to Stay in US

Last month, Barack Obama announced his plans to defer deportation of approximately 5 million illegal aliens and grant them green cards to allow them to work in the US. Although everyone thought Obama was referring to an executive order, in reality he was speaking about a memo issued by Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security.

However, Paul Babeu, Sheriff of Pinal County in Arizona says that the figure of delayed deportations is closer to 20 million than it is to 5 million. In an interview earlier this week, Babeu stated:

“The fact is, it’s not just the 5 million that President Obama promised, we learned that Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of Homeland Security, put out a six-page memo and he said that anybody who’s been here since January of this year, anybody prior to that date, they are allowed to stay here. There will be deferred action.”

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“This number that President Obama promised would be 5 million is now 20 million illegals.”

In the interview, Babeu was asked where he got the 20 million figure from. He responded:

“President Obama said on TV, ‘if you’ve been here five years or more, there will be deferred action, that you’ll be given a work permit, a driver’s license, all access to our social programs.'”

“But Jeh Johnson, the very same day, put out a memo directed to all 23 agencies under the Department of Homeland Security saying that any illegal who’s been here this year as of January of 2014, they are entitled to this deferred action.”

Babeu went on to say that this makes things much worse in border states like Arizona. He said that it’s like putting up a flashing neon sign on this side of the border telling illegals that they are now home free.

He suggested that the federal government spend the time and resources on helping jobless veterans or other unemployed Americans find jobs. He also said that the money being spent on workshops for illegals should be used to secure the border to stop the flow of illegals because the problem is not going away and will steadily continue to get worse.

Some political pundits are saying that Babeu may be posturing in preparation for a run for Congress in 2016. David Leibowitz told the Arizona Republic:

“Turn on Fox News and there he is, ripping President Barack Obama on immigration and tearing into Washington for its failure to secure the border with Mexico. Babeu is relentless on that issue — a poor man’s [Sheriff] Joe Arpaio — and immigration is likely to remain a top-tier issue come the next election cycle.”

Constantin Querard, another political consultant told the Arizona Republic that Babeu’s:

“Favorability numbers were last measured at 54 percent statewide and nearly 80 percent in Pinal County, and he is a proven fundraiser who could likely raise millions more than previous GOP nominees.”

“So long as the Obama administration continues to pursue open-border, pro-amnesty policies, candidates who are demonstrably strong on border issues will do very well in border states like Arizona.”

“Since Obama’s march towards amnesty shows no signs of slowing, that bodes well for potential candidates like Sheriff Paul Babeu, in 2016 and beyond.”

Like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, there is a lot I like about Babeu. He’s for enforcing the law and upholding the US Constitution. He’s for protecting his county, state and country and has a strong track record of doing so. Babeu has worked hard to fight the illegal drug trafficking in his county which is a huge problem for all of the state.

However, Babeu is a practicing homosexual and as a Christian I cannot and will not endorse anyone who flagrantly ignores biblical principles. It saddens me that I cannot support someone like him, but I must remain true and faithful to God above all else.

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