Baby Girl’s Birth Certificate To List 3 Parents

In the crazy world of homosexuality, another twist has been thrown in the pot of confusion for kids as they grow up – having three parents listed on their birth certificate.

It all started over three years ago when a pair of lesbians decided they wanted to have a child.  Maria Italiano and Cher Filippazzo turned to a fertility clinic, but all attempts of getting pregnant failed.  Not wanting to give up, the pair approached Massimiliano Gerina who just happened to be Filippazzo’s hairdresser.  They asked if he would be willing to donate his sperm to be used for artificial insemination.

After coming to a verbal agreement, Gerina provided his sperm which was used to inseminate Italiano artificially.  It worked and she became pregnant.  Not long before the baby was born, Gernia decided that he wanted to be more than just a sperm donor, he wanted to be part of the baby’s life and he wanted to be officially listed as the biological father.  The lesbian pair refused, claiming that their verbal agreement was just for the sperm and nothing more.

Gernia hired an attorney who helped him file a lawsuit in order to be considered a parent of the child.  After two years of legal battles, a Florida judge has finally ruled that Gerina can legally adopt the baby girl, now 22 months old.  The Judge also ruled that his name will be listed on the child’s birth certificate along with both names of the lesbian couple, although only one of them is the girl’s biological mother.  The lesbian couple was granted sole parental rights, but Gerina has been given visitation rights.

What’s next, a four parent birth certificate when a gay couple both donate sperm to a lesbian couple?  Why is the non-biological woman even listed on the birth certificate anyway?

It’s confusing enough for a child to be raised in the home of a gay couple.  They will never understand the normal life that God intended for us of one mother and one father who both have an active role in raising the child.  The child will also be taught that a sinful lifestyle considered an abomination to God, is normal and heterosexual relationships are not.  Statistics also show that the little girl named, Emma will have a 35% greater chance of failing in school than the children from a traditional home.

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