Baby Killers Prefer Back Alleys—Even When The Killing Is Legal

Abortionists pose as humanitarian champions, that they are empowering women and ensuring they are really equal. But I think they know better. Abortionists know that they are killing a human being. They develop rationalizations to justify themselves.

But not everyone needs the same level of denial. Some just don’t care. On the radio yesterday morning I heard the top of the hour news story that Kermit Gosnell had been found guilty of murder. It was mostly objective but I noticed this line: “The clinic served mostly poor women and immigrants.” It made me think we are supposed to believe that Gosnell was trying to “reach out” to the poor and downtrodden.

Gosnell was making about 1.8 million dollars a year, mostly in cash. He charged three thousand dollars for a late-term abortion. He didn’t have to keep a filthy work place. He didn’t have to use only untrained low-wage workers. He didn’t need to mistreat his customers. He didn’t need to deal drugs on the side for extra income—though he did illegally sell prescription drugs to pad the 1.8 million.

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He wanted to do all that. He preferred a clinic that “was a foul-smelling “house of horrors” with bags and bottles of stored fetuses, including jars of severed feet, along with bloodstained furniture, dirty medical instruments, and cats roaming the premises” (source). It was his choice.

Specifically, that is how he wanted to treat the women in his clinic. We can’t even say that Gosnell was a stranger to the world of his clients. He grew up in that same neighborhood. He wasn’t “giving back” to the community. He saw a vulnerable clientele and figured out how he could make millions off of them.

Frankly, I don’t think that cost cutting or maximizing profits can even completely explain the condition of Gosnell’s work place. People with money typically try to use a portion of that wealth to improve their work environment as much as anything else in their lives. Gosnell wanted this environment.

You can try to take the abortuary out of the back alley, but Gosnell is evidence that you can’t take the back alley out of the abortionist. He exuded the back alley out of his own character. Abortion defenders claim that Gosnell shows what happens if abortion is illegal, citing how hard it is to find doctors to do second-trimester abortions. But second-trimester abortions are not illegal in Pennsylvania. It just so happens that fewer abortionists are comfortable doing them. So there is a self-selecting process here. Gosnell shows us what kind of person is comfortable with a second- and even third-trimester abortion. What you get is exactly what you would expect if we all know “deep down” that abortion is homicide. The longer the baby grows, the more likely that only the more homicidal will take the job of aborting it. And such people will show their character not only in the kind of abortions in which they specialize, but also in how they treat the medical instruments and the women they claim to “serve” and in many other ways.

Abortion is baby killing. The closer you get to birth the more difficult it gets to deny that basic reality. It should surprise no one what kind of person is comfortable making money for approaching, and crossing, that irrational and non-scientific line.

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