Baltimore is Proof – Liberal War on Poverty was a Failure

Many of the talking heads in the news these past few days have been trying to dissect what has happened in Baltimore. Conservatives blame liberal governance, which has ruled the city for the last 50+ years. And somehow liberals have endeavored to blame Republicans, with one even blaming the new Maryland Governor (who’s only been on the job for 4 months)!

You probably already know where we fall on this – liberals have led the city of Baltimore for more than half a century, and their programs and schemes have driven the city to its knees. What was once a rich and thriving port city is now a city ridden with crime, poverty and failing schools. (Even though the schools get more money per student than almost any other district in the country.)

The blame for what has transpired in Baltimore lies squarely at the feet of the liberals who have crushed the city under the weight of liberal politics.

At Fox News, Charles Krauthammer dug even deeper.

What you have in Baltimore, and in these other areas, are extremely high levels of illegitimacy. So you have young males growing up without a male authority figure. You don’t have to be a sociological genius to understand that that, among many other things, is a huge liability, and one of the reasons that you get gangs. That’s where you acquire the male authority…

The other issue is the terrible schools. And the idea that they have been deprived of money is preposterous. Baltimore has the second highest per-capita spending on students in the country and it has awful schools. If you want to blame it on a political ideology, it is the ideology of liberals who want to throw money at the problem. We know the war on poverty did not succeed, and who think you throw more money at education, it is going to work. It will not, the public schools are rotten, what the parents need is school choice.

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