Baltimore Latest Victim of Orchestrated Violence

America is being manipulated by the latest wave of orchestrated violence in Baltimore.

That the entire chaotic scene is choreographed there is little doubt, as there is nothing spontaneous about a street full of people peacefully protesting then all of a sudden bursting into a maelstrom of destruction.

Even more suspicious are the squads of police who, according to witnesses, stood idly by while civilians were assaulted right in front of them.

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The Maryland governor activated the state’s National Guard units “30 seconds after” the request was made by Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, but he had some pointed comments about her during the press conference.

“When the mayor called me, which quite frankly we were glad that she finally did, instantly we signed the executive order. We already had our entire team prepared,” Gov. Larry Hogan said. “We were trying to get in touch with the mayor for quite some time, she finally made that call, and we immediately took action.”

Rawlings-Blake is the mayor who a couple of days ago said the city was giving rioters “space to destroy” if that was what they wanted.

And it obviously is. Just take a look at the all the news reports: 15 or more cops injured; roving gangs looking to pillage; people puncturing fire hoses to prevent fires being extinguished; reporters being punched out and attacked; 144 vehicles burned; 200 arrests; 15 buildings torched.

There’s no denying the racial and racist component of the riots and the way they are being portrayed: It’s blacks rioting against white oppression. That’s what we’re being told.

The young, white people who were prominent in “#BlackLivesMatter” protests in other cities are not to be seen in photos from the Baltimore riots, but the story of Baltimore is not just a tale of a government-dependent underclass that is easily manipulated into destroying its own home.

The story is the message we’re being fed by hired groups of far-left leg breakers and troglodytes, that America owes something to blacks stuck in the lower classes.

On some level, you could make that case, because it is the Democrat Party, with occasional help from RINOs and other political opportunists, that has set up the government largesse distribution programs that help keep blacks down by discouraging enterprise, innovation and opportunity.

But that’s not the case being made. No, what America is being told is that blacks are lazy prima donnas who feel entitled to special privileges as payback for slavery, which no one alive today actually lived through.

Americans, especially white Americans, are being told that the violence will continue unless we pay up, because the country owes blacks, but blacks do not in turn owe this country their industry, creativity or, least of all, their loyalty.

While this story we’re being fed may fit the people we see hurling rocks and smashing cars, I don’t believe it’s the truth about black America, and I don’t believe that’s the story most black Americans would want told about them.

So who’s actually sending this message? I suspect the mayor of Baltimore knows, and I suspect there are people in Washington who know.

The professional thugs are being paid by somebody, and that somebody probably gets the money from big donors. In Ferguson, Missouri, the most prominent big name writing checks to the agitators was George Soros, ex-Nazi employee and manipulator of economies.

There are probably others, working through various little-known subsidiaries of seemingly respectable foundation. If you could follow the agitators and find out what rented office space they report to at the end of the day, you could find whose name is on the lease, their parent group and follow the money to unmask the real string pullers. My money is on names like Soros, Heinz, Gates, etc.

The game plan, as it has always been with the nation’s puppet masters, is unchallenged power. The preferred method is to weaken the people of this country and their communities, and make them forsake the principles and morals of our founders.

Thomas Jefferson felt that an occasional revolution was necessary to keep government honest.

But what we’re seeing in Baltimore isn’t a revolution, it’s a shakedown.


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