Baltimore Police Want Prosecutor Off Case, Charges Dropped

Lawyers for the Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray have filed a motion demanding that State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who brought the charges, recuse herself and that the criminal charges be dismissed.

That the prosecution of the six officers is based in politics, not facts, is evident by the speed with which the charges were brought.

Police officers, as much as any other American, deserve due process. Barring one or more confessions by the officers under suspicion, an investigation of this nature normally takes at least several weeks in order to be thorough.

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Mosby, on the other hand, brought charges like she was Speedy Gonzales overdosing on caffeine.

The motion to recuse her from the case cites her numerous connections to people who would benefit from a guilty verdict, including people who will serve as witnesses and the attorney for the Gray family. The motion also alleges that she and her husband, a city councilman, personally benefited from bringing the charges.

A recent report about the ongoing police investigation into Gray’s death claimed that evidence in the case does not support filing the charges.

Gray’s death led to the recent race riots in Baltimore when news media and activists claimed police had killed Gray by fatally injuring him during the arrest. Gray died later at a hospital of a serious spine injury.

We should await the real findings in the police report, but Gray’s injuries sound fishy. Most intriguing is the testimony from another arrestee in which he claimed that it appeared Gray was trying to injure himself.

Politically, the fix is in. That’s been obvious from the moment reports started coming in about police officers standing by as rioters smashed stuff and assaulted passers-by. Then the mayor said the city was allowing the rioters “space to destroy,” a phrase she later pretended she didn’t say, then claimed was taken out of context.

The charges Mosby filed against the six officers — three of whom are black — are serious, including second-degree murder.

Mosby clearly has some personal interest in seeing these officers punished in order to appease some sort of agenda. A judge should remove her immediately, dismiss the improperly brought charges and let real justice prevail.

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