Barack Obama Claims To Be Pro-Family, But Lives Anti-Family

Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency he has claimed to be pro-family.  He talks about taking care of families and sharing American’s wealth to help all those in need.

But does Obama live by his own words?

To begin with, Obama has taken action to destroy and undermine the traditional family unit.  His open endorsement of same-sex marriage and refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act are prime examples of his efforts to destabilize the family unit.  His economic policies have done a great deal of damage to the structure of American families by placing undue pressures of jobs, foreclosures and bankruptcies on them.  In all too many instances, the families buckle to these stresses and end up being split apart.

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But let’s take a look at Obama’s own family and see just how well he takes care of them like he promises to do for your family.

To begin with, Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, moved into the White House when the Obama’s did.  U.S. taxpayers are supporting her, Obama is not.  She has traveled on vacations with Michelle and the family also at taxpayer expense.  Guess this is what Obama means by spreading the wealth.  He is taken our money to support his mother-in-law.

Last September, Obama’s uncle from Kenya, Onyango Obama (Uncle Omar) was arrested for drunk driving and found to be an illegal alien living in the U.S.  Reports state that he was supposed to have been deported back in 1992, but never was.  Supposedly, Obama had lost track of his Uncle Omar in the late 1980s, but since his surfacing last year, Obama has done nothing to help his uncle.

Next we have Zeituni Onyango, Obama’s aunt from Kenya.  She entered the U.S. illegally in 2000 and then applied for asylum in the U.S. in 2002 and again in 2004 but was turned down both times.  In 2004 she was supposed to have been deported back to Kenya, but managed to stay in the country.  In 2010, she was granted asylum in the U.S., which some say was due to preferential treatment, but there is no evidence to show that she has received any help from her famous nephew.

Then there is George Obama, the president’s half-brother living in Kenya.  In 2008, it was reported that he was living in the slums of Haruma, Kenya, in a squalid hut.  He now is reported to live in Nairobi, but receives no help from his brother.  When interviewed by author Dinesh D’Souza, George said:

“I think he has a family of his own. I’m a member of his family, but I’m over-age, so I help myself.”

“He’s got other issues to deal with.  He’s taking care of the world, so he’s taking care of me.”

Lastly, there is the matter of Kogelo, Kenya, who still boasts to being Obama’s birth place.  In 2006, Senator and Mrs. Barack Obama visited the African village along with the small 4 room school house named after him.  When the senator saw the conditions of the school, which had no running water, no electricity and no sanitation, he promised Yuanita Obiero, the school’s principle,

“I know you are working very hard and struggling to bring up the school, but I have said I will assist the school, and I will do so.”

The last I checked, the school in Kogelo has not received one dime from the Barack Obama as he promised.  I suspect that may be due to the fact that only a year later he announced his candidacy for President and knew the birth issue with Kenya would make him ineligible, so he dropped all ties, connections and promises with the village that still has a sign indicating where he was born.

If Obama won’t help or take care of his own family with his own money, then why should we expect him to take care of our families?  I’ve learned over the years to judge a person more on their actions than on their words and in the case of Obama, he preaches one thing, but lives another.  His actions indicate that the only family he is concerned with is the 5 people living in the White House and no other.  And from his actions, I wouldn’t think that anyone with any sense of family value, would be willing to vote for a man who doesn’t live by what he wants us to live by.

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