Barack Obama Fires First Shot in Executive War On Nature

Barack Obama’s war on nature by Executive Order is war on people. The war on nature is a war on those who have less. The war on nature is a war on the poor.

Carbon Dioxide is a natural gas that plants use to grow and thrive—in which case they produce more oxygen as a byproduct. Obama has found a Nixon-era law to try to treat this natural compound that is necessary for all life on this planet, and to which humans contribute less than five percent, as a toxin. As Bloomberg reports:

“President Barack Obama is preparing to tell all federal agencies for the first time that they should consider the impact on global warming before approving major projects, from pipelines to highways. The result could be significant delays for natural gas- export facilities, ports for coal sales to Asia, and even new forest roads, industry lobbyists warn. ‘It’s got us very freaked out,’ said Ross Eisenberg, vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers, a Washington-based group that represents 11,000 companies such as Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) and Southern Co. (SO) The standards, which constitute guidance for agencies and not new regulations, are set to be issued in the coming weeks, according to lawyers briefed by administration officials. In taking the step, Obama would be fulfilling a vow to act alone in the face of a Republican-run House of Representatives unwilling to pass measures limiting greenhouse gases. He’d expand the scope of a Nixon-era law that was first intended to force agencies to assess the effect of projects on air, water and soil pollution.”

First of all, carbon dioxide is not a significant “greenhouse gas.” Water vapor is the world’s greenhouse gas. That’s why deserts get extremely cold after sunset even though they were burning hot when the sun was up. But in a rainforest, where the air is moist, the temperature barely moves downward. Water vapor traps the heat. In fact, all the global warming models actually depend on carbon dioxide jump-starting a change in global humity that would be responsible for the majority of the warming they fear. But this increase in atmospheric water vapor, despite what the climate models were made to predict, doesn’t show up.

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Secondly, the reason Nixon had to make the executive order was because the government is notoriously difficult to sue for damages, or to get a court to order a halt to the damage of other people’s property. If people were not prevented from suing for damages to their property, then potential polluters would make sure they were not doing anything that would get them sued.

Third, since this executive order will be a war on nature, it is a war on people. Ask yourself if you think the government has a right to demand an environmental impact study from you before you exhale. If you are exhaling pollution, then such an anti-human requirement makes perfect sense. But obviously that is a ridiculous position. Carbon dioxide is a natural compound that plants need in order to produce oxygen for us.

This executive order is as much a giant robbery of Americans as any tax increase. It will slow down attempts to provide cheaper energy and other developments. Worse, it shows the American government is dedicated to pursuing this hysteria in order to justify oppressive policies. That means we are still pushing for global restrictions that will cause much more severe economic disasters. Taking away the internal combustion engine from the developing nations is essentially a war on the world’s poor.

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