Obama Providing “Substantial Support” to Terrorists In Jordan

When it comes to gun control, the very thought of a firearm is enough to get a 2nd grader suspended. It’s all part of the process to brainwash kids about guns (something Eric the “Fast and Furious” openly admitted). It’s about conditioning them to be afraid of them so that they won’t ever even want them.

The gun-grabbers also talk about the need to prevent guns from ending up in the “wrong hands.” They’re working to broaden their definition of “wrong hands” to include people who have any kind of criminal history, people who might be considered mentally unstable and veterans. They invoke the children of Sandy Hook in order to get people on their side. They just want to prevent guns from getting in the wrong hands to “protect the children.”

Sounds noble (not) until you look at their gun control ideas in the context of foreign policy. It’s completely backwards. The U.S. funnels weapons to terrorists like there’s no tomorrow. They were using Benghazi as a weapons hub out of which rocket-propelled grenades and other firearms of the “assault” variety were being shipped to the Turkey-Syria border (in the north) to be given to the Free Syrian Army to help terrorize and murder civilian Christians and while they’re at it, topple the Assad regime.

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Now there are reports coming from the German publication Der Spiegel and the UK’s Guardian that the U.S. has been training “rebels” in Jordan, which borders Syria to the south. French and British forcers were also involved in the training, which included teaching the militants how to use anti-tank weaponry.

The goal of this joint training program is to have about a dozen FSA units totaling 10,000 fighters doing what they do best…making millions of refugees out of Christians, killing civilians, burning down churches and courthouses and in general, just wreaking havoc and creating chaos with the added benefit of “regime change” that will result in another dictator to Obama’s liking.

The U.S. State Department had no comment on these reports that showed U.S. involvement in training terrorists in Jordan. But the New American pointed out that Obama administration had already been sending troops to that region:

 “[T]he Obama administration, without even asking Congress or obtaining a constitutionally required declaration of war, deployed American forces in Jordan along Syria’s southern border under a variety of dubious pretexts. Shortly after that, the U.S. government also publicly announced that it was sending more U.S. troops and missiles to Syria’s border with Turkey, supposedly to “defend” the powerful Islamist Turkish government from Assad.”

 But the State Department doesn’t know anything. Its spokes”person” Victoria Nuland said as much when responding to questions about training rebels in Jordan. “I have nothing for you on that,” she said. They wouldn’t dare admit to anything, because that would put Obama in the precarious position of being a target of his own NDAA for providing support to a terrorist organization. The New American exposed the irony:

 “In light of the weight of the foregoing evidence, little if any doubt remains that President Obama is knowingly providing ‘substantial support’ to al-Qaeda and associated forces operating in Syria. He is thereby violating Section 1021 of the NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] and is subject to indefinite detention by the armed forces of the United States.”

 Troops are being deployed to places in the Middle East to die trying to prevent Al-Qaeda from “gaining a foothold.” But at the same time, Obama’s sending terrorists money, food, weapons and training.

No wonder so many troops are suicidal. The hypocrisy and complete irrationality of U.S. foreign policy is enough to drive them crazy. They’re not dying so that we can have freedoms in our country. They’re unknowingly sacrificing themselves to the Obama administration.

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