Barack Obama Risks Airline Passengers’ Lives by Closing Control Towers

One thing about President Barack Obama that you can count on: He takes his revenge seriously.

Barack Obama has proven that repeatedly during his time in office. Just witness the number of sudden retirements, transfers and missing personnel related to the Benghazi coverup. The man has more vendettas than the Italian Mafia Wives Club.

His current spate of political hits began when Republicans wouldn’t give in to his threats about sequester cuts and raise taxes like he wanted.

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The GOP told President Barack Obama to go ahead and cut the government on the theory that he would be going along with one of their major policies for a change.

President Obama, who saw his popularity and political capital plunge when the sequester deadline struck and the Republicans didn’t bow, has now settled on making the cuts as painful to the GOP as possible. That means making the public suffer.

That’s why, instead of cutting exorbitant government salaries, pensions, throwaway grants for meaningless studies or curtailing entertainment and travel expenses for government bigshots, you get things like refusing to refurbish and refuel an active duty aircraft carrier, cutting back school programs for low-income kids and reducing meat inspections.

Whereas President Bill Clinton swore that he felt constituents’ pain, this president wants the public to feel his pain as he nurses his wounded narcissism.

The ultimate plan is to make the voters angry and then blame the Republicans for his own inability to lead and achieve a compromise — in other words, a continuation of his presidential election campaign.

And that possibility tickles his ego no end.

Now, however, Barack Obama has upped the ante by cutting back on air traffic control towers across the country. The FAA has targeted at least 149 control towers for closure.

The personnel being let go are contract workers not directly employed by the FAA and not in a government union, so government jobs are still safe.

What’s not as safe is airline passengers flying into or out of those airports where pilots will have to coordinate their own landings and takeoffs by communicating with each other over an open frequency.

While airline pilots are well trained and highly skilled in those techniques, lack of traffic controllers still adds a serious burden to a pilot’s duties.

The FAA maintains that those airports affected are small ones with only light traffic, but the list includes some airports in the middle of major metropolises, such as Hollywood.

This president has put U.S. agents in harm’s way before, even resulting in the deaths of nonmilitary government personnel. But this is the first time he has played his revenge games with the lives of civilian passengers.

The only reason I can think that President Barack Obama would willingly do that is that he hopes to be able to pin a fatal air crash on Republicans.

It sounds sick and twisted and beyond belief, but this is the leader of the administration that gave us the Fast and Furious gunrunning program that delivered weapons to drug dealers, apparently for the purpose of whipping up voter support for gun restrictions.

The other possibility is that he’s looking for an excuse to either greatly curtail or eliminate air travel, a notion that is supported by the increasingly outrageous and degrading TSA inspection procedures at airports. That sort of a strategy would fit into the Agenda 21 long-term goal of making ours a far less mobile society.

What’s clear, though, is that the real fat cats have yet to suffer from the sequester cuts. There’s no talk of cutting back the top ranks at the EPA, the IRS, the Department of Justice, the Department of Education, any of the country’s 17 spy agencies, the Department of Agriculture or any of scores of other bloated agencies.

But wherever the government actually touches your life, from your child’s schooling to food safety to air travel, that’s where the sequester is hitting.

That’s what they mean by “targeted cuts” — you’re the target, you get to do the bleeding.

Just ignore that man in the Oval Office holding the sword.

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