Barcoding Babies?

We’ve all heard talk about microchips being injected into people’s arms that would contain identification and even banking information.  Some people have advocated using microchips to help protect children.  These chips would not only contain identification, but it could also contain a GPS that would help track a child who goes missing or is abducted.

I’ve heard arguments saying that people are doing it to the pets to help protect them, why not do it to humans for the same purpose?

Recently, author Elizabeth Moon was asked what radical or inspiring thing she would do to help change the world.  Moon, a science fiction writer who won the Nebula Award in 2003 for her book, The Speed of Dark, said that she would start barcoding all babies at birth.

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Moon claimed that using a universal barcoding that was somehow imprinted or permanently attached such as a microchip, would provide instant identification of everyone.  She tried to explain,

“If I were empress of the Universe I would insist on every individual having a unique ID permanently attached – a barcode if you will; an implanted chip to provide an easy, fast inexpensive way to identify individuals.”

“It would be imprinted on everyone at birth. Point the scanner at someone and there it is.”

“Having such a unique barcode would have many advantages. In war soldiers could easily differentiate legitimate targets in a population from non combatants.”

“This could prevent mistakes in identity, mistakes that result in the deaths of innocent bystanders. Weapons systems would record the code of the use, identifying how[sic] fired which shot and leading to more accountability in the field.”

“Anonymity would be impossible as would mistaken identity, making it easier to place responsibility accurately, not only in war but also in non-combat situations far from the war.”

Although Moon has served in the US Marine Corp in the late 1960’s, I have to wonder if she understood what was really happening in Viet Nam at the time.  US military personnel were often ambushed by civilians who were sympathetic to the Viet Cong.  Often it was impossible to distinguish between combatants and civilians and I don’t think having a barcode imprinted microchip would have made any difference.

The same thing applies today in the Middle East.  Insurgents and civilians often dress the same and act the same until they suddenly pull out a weapon and open fire.  Even if they were barcoded, who is going to program the information into the world databank to indicate this person to be a terrorist and this one an innocent civilian?

Many Christians view any kind of barcoding or microchipping people as the mark of the beast as described in Revelation 13:17.  They will resist succumbing to this if it ever does happen.  How do you feel about such an identification program and would you willingly submit to it?  I know I wouldn’t.

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